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MDL Recap Week 6 - Riot Squad continue their climb
Three weeks of the regular season remain as teams look to fight for a spot in the top eight.
Written by: Nohte    October 21st 2019 6:35 pm    #ESEAMDLS32 #ATK #RapGang #Divine #BushidoBoyz #NewIdentity #TheQuest #Ascent #BigFrames #INTZ #MAC-51 #Monstars #Mythic #Peeker'sAdvantage #RiotSquad #Ben'sAnimeTeam #oNe #LiViD #JustSwing  

The sixth week of MDL Season 32 has come to an end, seeing just twelve matches played. The top end of the leaderboard saw a handful of teams swap positions, although the overall standings remain largely unchanged.

MDL Recap Week 5 - Divine continue their ascension

Riot Squad added two wins to their tally after taking down Ascent and LiViD in dominant fashion; however, the team also suffered their first defeat of the season to The Quest, who took a 16-12 victory on Mirage following a strong performance from Michael "Grim" Wince. 

INTZ continue to remain undefeated, although this week saw them play no matches as they were competing in the third week of ECS Season 8. Meanwhile, their Brazilian comrades from oNe were able to net a 16-7 win over Monstars, leaving the two teams in second and third place overall, just below Divine.

Bushido Boyz swap Swahn for zeptic; missharvey and miLLe get LiViD

Mythic played in four of the twelve matches that took place, although they were only able to net themselves a single victory over Bushido Boyz. A triple overtime defeat to Big Frames gave way to crushing losses, leading to Ascent picking up a 16-8 win and Ben's Anime Team closing out the week with a 16-4 victory of their own. 

Some notable matchups for the upcoming week are:

Matchup Date Time
us Divine vs. us Ben's Anime Team Oct. 23rd 9PM EDT
us Ascent  vs. br INTZ Oct. 23rd 9PM EDT
us Bushido Boyz vs. us Ben's Anime Team Oct. 23rd 10PM EDT
us Riot Squad vs. us Divine Oct. 23rd 10PM EDT

Divine find youth with addition of Junior; tweiss released

With just three weeks of the regular season remaining, the standings for MDL look as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us Divine 10 9 1 +64 27
 br oNe 11 8 3 +63 24
 br INTZ 7 7 0 +86 21
 us Riot Squad 8 7 1 +84 21
 us MAC-51 14 7 7 +13 21
 us The Quest 9 6 3 +34 18
 us Ascent 10 6 4 +33 18
 us Mythic 10 6 4 +31 18
 us Bushido Boyz 9 6 3 +8 18
 us Big Frames 10 5 5 +10 15
 us Monstars 10 5 5 +16 15
 us Ben's Anime Team 4 4 0 +52 12
 us Rap Gang 7 4 3 +38 12
 ca LiViD 9 4 5 0 12
 us Just Swing 6 2 4 +3 6
 us Peeker's Advantage 9 2 7 -11 6
 us ATK 16 0 16 -256 0
 us New Identity 16 0 16 -256 0

The Quest and INTZ qualify for DreamHack Open Atlanta

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