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Ben's Anime Team and LiViD advance to WESG Closed Qualifier
Both squads powered through their brackets without much trouble to claim spots in their respective closed qualifiers.
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steel and co. only dropped one map on their way through the bracket

The first American and Canadian WESG open qualifiers have wrapped, with Ben's Anime team and LiViD advancing to their respective closed qualifiers.

CLG Red and Able fe claim WESG Closed Qualifier berths

Starting with the American qualifier, the first two rounds were filled with a number of forfeits, with the only notable matchup seeing Ascent take down ATK in a close 16-13 match on Inferno.

Continuing onto the semi-finals Ben's Anime Team made quick work of gettin' a Whopper at midnight while Ascent pulled ahead of Stay Frosty with a 16-14 win on Nuke. In the lower bracket, Stay Frosty skated by with a forfeit while ATK cleaned up gettin' a Whopper at midnight 16-1.

The remainder of the lower bracket saw ATK take down Stay Frosty 16-6 while they received a forfeit from Ascent who were competing in the DreamHack Open Atlanta qualifier.

Favorites advance from DreamHack Atlanta open qualifier; closed qualifier team list determined

In the finals, Ben's Anime Team started off the series by narrowly taking Inferno 16-13 after a massive performance from Cameron "cam" Kern. Moving onto Overpass, ATK ended their T-side up 9-6 before dominating on their CT-side to take the map 16-11.

With  the series 2-1 in Ben's Anime Team's favor they were put a strong  offensive effort on Train to narrowly take their T-side 8-7 before closing out the map and the series 16-11.

With the first qualifier wrapped, the results look as follows:

1st - us Ben's Anime Team (steel, cam, wippie, ben1337, Infinite) - Closed Qualifier
2nd - us ATK  (oSee, floppy, Sonic, motm, JT) - 12 points
3rd - us Ascent (KiiroKami, NiSMO, djay, Fiziq, BOOBIE) - 6 points 
4th - us Stay Frosty (agM, DaneJoris, Douglas, JoJo, tconnors) - 3 points
5th - us Ohio Meat Wagon (Sudain, captai, chasehb, eulogy, itB) - 1 point
6th - us gettin a Whopper at midnight (ness^, 120ADRORBUST, gloom-, Orgasmic Oven, Abdul el-Zaman) - 1 point

As a reminder the four teams at the end of both open qualifiers with the most points will join Ben's Anime Team and the winner of the second open qualifier in the Closed Qualifier.

SicK hits free agency

Over in the Canadian qualifier, notable results did not come until the semi-finals where LiViD claimed a 16-8 win over Able on Train while Oceanus surprisingly fell to October's Very Own. Continuing on, in the lower bracket Oceanus cleaned up, sending The Gaming Station, Able, and October's Very Own packing with a few quick wins. 

In the finals, Canada's two best domestic squads faced off on Train, with LiViD pulling  ahead on their T-side before wrapping up the map 16-10. Moving onto Nuke, the two French Canadian sides played an incredibly close game on Nuke after LiViD won the lost three rounds in a row. After two overtimes, LiViD managed to pull ahead and secure a 22-19 victory.

With the first Canadian qualifier concluded, the results look as follows:

1st - ca LiViD (gMd, effys, INCRED, huynh, MkaeL) - Closed Qualifier
2nd - ca Oceanus (KOLER, Melio, J0LZ, tENSKI, KmZ) - 12 points
3rd - ca October's Very Own (xplicit, dweeb, Triky-, reds513, Penny) - 6 points
4th - ca Able (Baeb, CHiLLYCRAFT, Sizzle, HeartlessMD, flyzoh) - 3 points
5th - ca The Gaming Stadium (consti, Jerk, mahone, rev, Freinzy) - 1 point
6th - ca Dans ta yeule (WiGGY, froNt^M, sup3rant, dav0ke, Yonj) - 1 point

With the first open qualifiers completed the second will be taking place two weeks from now on October 26th. Following the conclusion of the second open qualifier, the top six teams from each region will face off to determine which two teams will meet in the regional finals.

All links and times for the four open qualifiers can be found here. As always, you can keep track of upcoming events and qualifiers using our handy Calendar page.

Swole Patrol headline first four WINNERS League Season 3 invites

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