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Evil Geniuses and Complexity set to compete in ECS Season 8 Week 3
Additionally, Riot Squad and FURIA will make their debuts in the league this week.
Written by: Mnmzzz    October 9th 2019 9:07 pm    #ECSS8 #ex-Singularity #FURIA #RiotSquad #Cloud9 #INTZ #Complexity #ATK #EvilGeniuses #Singularity #NewIdentity #Sharks  

Week 1 champions Evil Geniuses return to Week 3 under their new organization

FACEIT have released the bracket for ECS Season 8 Week 3, with Evil Geniuses and FURIA headlining the list of teams in attendance.

ATK overrun Sharks to win ECS Season 8 Week 2

Evil Geniuses making an appearance this week is interesting as the roster previously played this seaons under the NRG brand. As previously discussed, in seasons prior ECS licenses were non-transferrable meaning if a team switched organizations, they would not retain their spot in the league. With  ex-Luminosity and now Evil Geniuses being able to retain their spots, it appears that ECS have relaxed or removed this rule, though at this time they have not responded to multiple requests for comment from

Also of interest is the appearance of "ex-Singularity", who have been informed are the same players that participated under the organization's banner last week. Due to Singularity no longer participating in the season, their newly-signed roster will not be eligible to compete.

This week will also mark the debut of Complexity and Riot Squad in Season 8, with the former being set to debut their new roster following the additions of Benjamin "blameF" Bremer and William "RUSH"  Wierzba.

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The opening matchups for the third week of ECS Season 8 are as follows:

October 14th (Quarterfinals)
br FURIA vs. us Riot Squad 6:00 PM EDT
br INTZ vs. nam Cloud9 6:00 PM EDT
us ATK vs. us Complexity 9:00 PM EDT
us ex-Singularity vs. us Evil Geniuses 9:00 PM EDT

Week three is the first week of the season that will offer teams direct qualification to ECS Season 8 Finals. This is contrasted with the first two weeks which saw Sharks claim the first spot after accumulating the most earnings, even though they failed to win either week.

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