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23 new players added to Rank G
Many familiar names will get a chance to showcase their talents in the ladder.
Written by: Tony    October 3rd 2019 5:10 pm    #RankG #ESEA #ESEAA32 #MAC-1 #cath #GorillaGang #Brian2K #jet-  

MAC-1 will be have a new way to keep sharp outside of league matches

Rank S and Rank G Community Manager Jackson "el_jack0" Wolf has announced 23 new additions to Rank G, with the majority of them coming from the ongoing 32nd season of ESEA Advanced.

Notable names who will now be eligible to participate in Rank G include ex-Singularity coach and current Gorilla Gang player Jared "MAC-1" Schneider, Catherine "cath" Leroux, and Rafael "clone" Singer.

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The new players to Rank G are:

  • ca Colby "Walco" Walsh
  • us Josh "pwny" VanGorder
  • ca Gabriel "tENSKI" Rodrigue
  • us Rafael "clone" Singer
  • us "Daryl"
  • us Sean "ashen" Yang
  • us Jared "MAC-1" Schneider
  • us Jake "eXotic" Vaupell
  • us Ali "phantom" Sachs
  • us Myke "btk" Kwarteng
  • us Blake "Blakers" Reynolds
  • ca Sebastian "retchy" Tropiano
  • ca Kevin "poised" Ngo
  • ca Armel "leak" Araneta
  • ca Ian "battery" Yates
  • us Chase "lowrider" Releford
  • us Eric "Kanepki" Xu
  • us Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield
  • us Bobby "stamina" Eitrem
  • us "CLASIA"
  • us Nathan "rabbit" Beale
  • ca Catherine "cath" Leroux
us Sean "Zevro" Hartnett

The newly added players join the likes of Brian "Brian2K" Ladron De Guevara and Jet "jet-" Gao, who currently sit at the top of Rank G in points for the season thus far.

ALEKSANDAR joins Gorilla Gang in place of maazy

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