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Further allegations made against pavel; lewd messages from enN surface
Another person has come forward, while the initial accusers credibility has come into question.
Written by: Mnmzzz    September 29th 2019 10:56 pm    #pavel #enN #NewEnglandWhalers #ESEA #Discord  

Following the allegations against Felipe "pavel" Costa on the 26th about inappropriate conversations with underage player Nick "enN" P., another source come forward regarding a past experience with pavel. Multiple screenshots of Facebook messages between the source, who claims to have been between 14 and 16 at the time, and a now deleted Facebook account that allegedly belonged to the former New England Whalers player, were provided to

UPDATE: pavel kicked from New England Whalers; accused of soliciting lewd photos from underage player

The conversations were conducted in Portuguese, with verifying their translations with a native Portuguese speaker, however was unable to independently verify that pavel was a party in the conversations, with the Facebook messages being addressed to "Felipe Costa".

According to the most incriminating screenshots, the person in question allegedly asked for nudes in exchange for a karambit knife, offered Brazilian Reals and "presents" for masturbating on video; and also asked the source to be fully nude and without body hair.

New England Whalers bring back Torres has also received screenshots from a Discord server showing someone by the name of "enN" participating in lewd conversations, where this person asked a user if they "wanna sex or sum." In another ESEA forum post, enN said that the screenshots showed him joking around with "someone [he's] talked to." He says he made some mistakes in those conversations, but that he'd joked around like that "for a while now." has yet to hear from pavel about these allegations. pavel has said he will make a full statement on the enN matter once he has access to his PC, which is still en route from the United States.

ImAPet: "We've let [CeRq] off the leash"

#1 Ematics
2019-09-30 19:12
send me nudes...jk...unless.
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