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Dignitas raises $30 million; form new parent company
The 76ers-backed organization has received funding for even wider expansion in the world of esports.
Written by: Tony    September 28th 2019 1:33 pm    #Dignitas #Clutch #NewMetaEntertainment  

Dignita will look to branch out into improved content creation, brand marketing, and investments

Dignitas have secured a $30 million Series A investment, which has been partially used to finalize their merger with Clutch Gaming.

The organization have also formed a new parent company by the name of New Meta Entertainment, which will allow for better organization and operation of their multiple esports-related businesses.

The new funding comes ten days after Dignitas announced that they were looking to return to the male Counter-Strike scene.

Dignitas seeks to return to male Counter-Strike

#1 006_tv
2019-09-28 14:56
No more paying in mousepads poggers
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