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Plethora of changes come as new Advanced season begins
Riot Squad, Prospects, Reign, PrettyBoys, and Fine Wine have all modified their lineups.
Written by: Tony    September 22nd 2019 9:46 am    #ESEAMDL32 #ESEAA32 #Reign #TGS #Fragadelphia13 #pao #Slash #KmZ #ex-FinalFeature #ReckMONSTER #RiotSquad #sid1g #halo #shinobi #PrettyBoys #RiotSquad #Prospects #JoshRT #sayonara #hyper #taboo #krZ #JazzPimp #FineWine #mOE #DAVEY  

With the Advanced season underway, teams have of course been unable to resist making numerous roster changes.

After a relatively impressive showing with TGS at Fragadelphia 13, Paolo "pao" Lopes serves as Chris "Slash" Petersen's replacement on Reign and is expected to take part in their next league match.

Reign now have:

  • us Toryon "KLUMZ" Kelley
  • us Roberto "shams" Pareja
  • us Gabriel "GMAN" Ordaz
  • us "VolcaN"
  • ca Paolo "pao" Lopes

Following a 19-16 Inferno victory over Mount Olympus this past Thursday, the team parted ways with rifler Slash, who has decided to follow in the steps of former teammate Ezekiel "KmZ" Hughes and join the ranks of ex-Final Feature. 

Changes reign as ex-Final Feature bring in KmZ for curry

KmZ only recently joined the team following the departure of Ethan "ReckMONSTER" Serrano earlier this month, with Slash now filling the roster's fifth slot.

The ex-Final Feature roster now looks like:

  • us Austin "RenZ" Dickman
  • ca Shawn "Magowi" O'Malley
  • us George"Powerzz" Yaede
  • us Ezekiel "KmZ" Hughes
  • us Chris "Slash" Petersen

ReckMONSTER steps down from ex-Final Feature

The Academy team of Riot Squad was recently dropped after a string of poor performances, and "sid1g" and Alec "halo" Sacry are now the only two players of the former squad that decided to stick together after they ultimately disbanded.

At the same time, Josh "shinobi" Abastado will be returning to the primary Riot Squad roster to act as an analyst after being benched from the main squad back in June.

Riot Squad's main roster is now:

  • us Peter "ptr" Gurney
  • us Austin "crashies" Roberts
  • us Mitch "mitch" Semago
  • ca Pujan "FNS" Mehta
  • ca Jonathan "Jonji" Carey
  • us Jeff "RZU" Ngo (Inactive)
  • uk Brandon "weber" Weber (Coach)
  • us Josh "shinobi" Abastado (Analyst)

Riot Squad enlist weber as coach/analyst

Prospects have made a return with Josh "JoshRT" Lee at the helm bringing younger brother Caleb "sayonara" Lee along for the ride once again. Joining the duo for this season of Advanced are Brett "hyper-" Rhein, Jon "taboo" Yi, and Alfonso "krZ" Fiorani.

The newly-revived Prospects are now:

  • us Josh "JoshRT" Lee
  • us Caleb "sayonara" Lee
  • us Brett "hyper-" Rhein
  • us Jon "taboo" Yi
  • ca Alfonso "krZ" Fiorani

Dominick "JazzPimp" Dimpfel has also joined the team's ESEA roster, but has yet to pay up for the season.

DAVEY ready to kick back with Fine Wine; zeptic links up with maazy's money crew

Mohamad "mOE" Assad joined Fine Wine a week and half ago, and has already played two ESEA Advanced matches in lieu of David "DAVEY" Stafford. The team are currently 1-2 with losses to Prospects and Dans ta yeule.

Fine Wine have aged further and now have the following roster:

  • us Gene "ayjin" Krivachek
  • us Josh "Wade" Wade
  • us Adam "aKis" Kisseberth
  • us Arya "arya" Hekmat
  • ca David "DAVEY" Stafford
  • us Mohamad "mOE" Assad

Strings announces retirement

Lastly, PrettyBoys have rounded out their lineup with the addition of Daniel "tropiiical" Elshani. Both Cameron "Skelly" Thomson and Jason "jmoh" Mohandessi had helped the squad retain their league spot, but will not be continuing with the team, with the former telling that he is retired.

The PrettyBoys move forward with:

  • ca Sebastian "retchy" Tropiano
  • ca Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen
  • ca Kevin "poised" Ngo
  • ca Ryan "shanks" Ngo
  • us Daniel "tropiiical" Elshani

Fragadelphia 13 hits playoffs

#1 shrek
2019-09-22 13:59
Go retchy
#2 DiSCO
2019-09-23 10:50
davey was just standing in for fine wine and was never actually a player
#3 Mnmzzz
2019-09-28 01:30
Nah, DAVEY told me he was going to play with them on-and-off when he is available. Its a fun roster like Old Guys Club.
#4 DiSCO
2019-09-28 12:55
when I asked him he said he was just standing in :/
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