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Dignitas seeks to return to male Counter-Strike
Dignitas state that they are open to both North American and European players.
Written by: Tony    September 18th 2019 4:48 pm    #Dignitas #MichaelPrindiville #Complexity #100Thieves  

Dignitas looks to support both male and female Counter-Strike rosters once more

According to a video posted to their Twitter account, Dignitas are looking to jump back into the male Counter-Strike scene more than a year since dropping their previous squad back in August of 2018.

EMUHLEET: "You don't learn from winning over-and-over, you learn from making mistakes"

More and more organizations are looking to build hyper-competitive lineups in CS:GO; first 100 Thieves, then Complexity, and now Dignitas joins the fray. In the Twitter video, Head of Dignitas Michael "Prindi" Prindiville makes reference to some of the more questionable events happening behind the scenes, saying:

We've seen terrible player treatment, lack of management, lack of content around those players, heck, we've even heard about players not getting paid

Michael offers access to facilities across the nation in locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, and Boston. With their preferred area of business presumably being North America, Michael extends his invitation to those in Europe searching for a new home as well.

Dignitas' last roster based out of the United States saw very little success, failing to reach the ECS Season 5 group stage, placing twelfth in ESL Pro League Season 7, and the Americas Minor being the only LAN the team had qualified for. With a constantly fluctuating roster, cutting seven players over a six month period, there was little hope for stability.

Dignitas drop male CS:GO squad

#1 006_tv
2019-09-18 17:29
Gonna pay em in mousepads huh

Nice to see them
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