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ALEKSANDAR leaves Just Swing in search of new team
Following a poor start to the season, Just Swing are down to four.
Written by: Nohte    September 20th 2019 12:36 am    #ESEAMDLS32 #ALEKSANDAR #jcrueL #Axed #Winsum #raz #dolphy  

Following Just Swing's 1-16 defeat to New Identity in MDL, Aleksandar "ALEKSANDAR" Hinojosa took to Twitter to announce that he was leaving the team in search of another that had "likeminded players that have the same goals in mind."

Ascent and Just Swing finalize rosters ahead of Season 32

ALEKSANDAR joined the Just Swing roster at the end of August alongside Duncan "raz" Lee, with the duo replacing Jake "Dolzy" Amendola and Chris "Slash" Petersen on the roster. The team had just fought through Advanced Season 31 to get to MDL Relegation, and managed to clinch a spot in MDL Season 32 off the back of a strong performance from Ryan "Winsum" Johns.

Just Swing opened their Season 32 crusade with crushing losses to Mythic and New Identity, with the team only managing seven rounds combined between the two matchups. With ALEKSANDAR's departure, Joel "jcrueL" Cruel and company are left with four players on their roster. Should they be in need of a stand-in while in search of a fifth, Quintin "dolphy" Madsen is currently paid up on the team's ESEA roster.

Just Swing remove Dolzy; weigh replacing Slash

Just Swing are now:

  • us Joel "jcrueL" Cruel
  • us Tommy "Axed" Ryan
  • us Ryan "Winsum" Johns
  • us Duncan "raz" Lee

With no matches currently scheduled, Just Swing will have the opportunity to take their time in trialing a new player.

Monstars alter roster as Swisher departs

#1 shrek
2019-09-20 10:53
Tommy wishes I'd join
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