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Envy briefly secure DreamHack Masters Malmö berth due to scheduling conflicts
An odd series of events has occured, as Envy were declared victors of the qualifier by default... until the internet did it's thing.
Written by: Mnmzzz    September 16th 2019 10:46 pm    #ECSS8 #DreamHackMasters #ATK #Sharks #eUnited #Envy  

Nifty and co. would have made it to Malmö  through a controversial decision by DreamHack

The DreamHack Masters Malmö American Closed Qualifier almost came to an unexpected end tonight with Envy claiming the final spot due to DreamHack forfeiting eUnited and Sharks over schedule concerns.

Envy advances to DreamHack Masters Malmö Closed Qualifier Grand Finals knows that DreamHack/ESEA initially decided to give Envy a default win in the grand finals due to the late projected start time of the grand finals.

In particular, eUnited and Sharks played today in  the first week of ECS Season 8 which pushed back the start of the lower bracket finals. DreamHack allegedly wanted the qualifier completed tonight and were initially unwilling to allow a reschedule, while Envy were initially also unable/unwilling to reschedule to tomorrow.

Liquid, NRG, Cloud9 set to play in ECS Season 8 Week 1

The forfeit was recieved extremely negatively by Sharks and eUnited's players while Envy player Noah "Nifty" Francis had called out DreamHack/ECS for their poor scheduling earlier in the night.

As of the publishing of this article, the decision has been reversed, and eUnited and Sharks will continue their match. The winner of that series will then face Envy tomorrow.

Following the kerfluffle, Nifty took to Twitter explaining that the initial decision to forfeit the teams had come from tournament admins, but noted that he disagreed with eUnited and Sharks trying to play conflicting events, in addition to some of the players posts on social media.

Envy and eUnited to DreamHack Masters Malmö Closed Qualifier upper bracket final

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