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Swole Patrol, ATK, and Sharks through to DreamHack Masters Malmö Closed Qualifier
But which teams will round out the field remains in question.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    September 11th 2019 12:45 am    #DreamHack #DreamHackMastersMalmö2019 #SwolePatrol #ATK #StayFrosty #Sharks #Monstars #PartyAstronauts #Divine #oNe #Luminosity #skullz #stellar #agM #zander   

yay and Swole Patrol are one step closer to Sweden

The DreamHack Masters Malmö qualifier has concluded, seeing six somewhat ambiguous teams through to the Closed Qualifier.

The Round of 16 proceeded mostly as would have been expected, with the large exception of MDL side Stay Frosty taking down the Brazilians of Luminosity in their debut with Felipe "skullz" Medeiros. Aside from the lone upset, the all-MDL showdown between Rap Gang and Divine was a close affair that went in the latter's favor, and Gorilla Gang acquitted themselves well against oNe.

skullz joins Luminosity on loan

The quarterfinals saw ATK and Stay Frosty destroy Party Astronauts and Monstars, respectively. Meanwhile, Swole Patrol overcame Divine 16-10, and Sharks narrowly triumphed over their countrymen of oNe 19-17.

With Party Astronauts forfeiting their lower bracket match, the last match of the qualifier was between oNe and Divine, with Alexander "zander" Diaz leading his team to victory to secure a berth in the Closed Qualifier.

DreamHack Masters Malmö qualifier underway

The qualified teams are as follows:

us ATK br Sharks
us Stay Frosty us Swole Patrol
us Divine us Monstars

However, according to tweets from Michael "agM" Abood and Brenden "stellar" McGrath, Stay Frosty, Monstars, and Party Astronauts are all unable to participate in the Closed Qualifier tomorrow. It is currently unknown which teams – if any, will replace them.

Stay Frosty add Douglas, JoJo

#1 JoJo
2019-09-11 01:13
3pm est event is amazing idea
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