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maazy's money crew add tyfoon and ReckMONSTER
Never too late for roster changes.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    September 10th 2019 10:23 am    #ESEAAS32 #Singularity #GorillaGang #MAC-1 #zeptic #thief #tyfoon #ReckMONSTER #ex-FinalFeature #Infinite #BushidoBoyz #ATK #floppy #oSee  

tyfoon will look to tear up Advanced this season

Carlos "maazy" Bandle has announced changes to his fledgling Money Crew, seeing Brady "thief" Dever and Nick "zeptic" Kaoud make way for Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic and Ethan "ReckMONSTER" Serrano.

The team recently made headlines with the addition of former Singularity coach Jared "MAC-1" Schneider after Ricky "floppy" Kemery and Josh "oSee" Ohm were acquired by ATK.

oSee and floppy join ATK

maazy's money crew is now:

  • us Carlos "maazy" Bandle
  • us Nathan "leaf" Orf
  • us Jared "MAC-1" Schneider
  • us Ethan "ReckMONSTER" Serrano
  • ca Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic

The team have yet to play any matches in the new season of Advanced, but have made it to the fourth round of the DreamHack Masters Malmö qualifier, most notably notching a win over MDL side Bushido Boyz. The team are playing with zeptic and Gage "Infinite" Green in the qualifier, and are set to face the Brazilian's of oNe next.

caike loaned to oNe as iDk deals with visa & health issues

#1 DiSCO
2019-09-11 09:18
how come tyfoon can't get on any mdl teams
#2 006_tv
2019-09-12 16:06
The hype man Mac-1 though
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