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rood joins W7M as skullz transfer looms
The timing of skullz's benching lends credence to the player's reported transfer to Luminosity.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 21st 2019 9:41 pm    #W7M #skullz #rood #HEN1 #Luminosity   

After being initially reported on by Lucas Spricigo of Draft5, W7M have confirmed the benching of Felipe "skullz" Medeiros and the addition of Rodrigo "rood" Gomes.

Report: W7M looking to replace skullz with rood

In their announcement, W7M mentioned that skullz is in the "negotiation phase" with another orgnization, lending credence to a report by HLTV and Mais Reports which stated that skullz is currently being targetted as a replacement for Henrique "HEN1" Teles, who was benched by Luminosity yesterday.

rood is a relative newcomer to the Brazilian scene, having started his semi-pro career with Evidence at the start of this year. Though not very active in the last three months, he has put up a serviceable 1.03 rating.

With the additon of rood, W7M is:

  • br Rafael "raafa" Lima
  • br Leon "ryotzz" Felipe
  • br Filipe "pancc" Martins
  • br Antonio "realziN" Oliveira
  • br Rodrigo "rood" Gomes
  • br Giovanni "Gio" Deniz (Coach)
  • br Felipe "skullz" Medeiros (Inactive)

Luminosity bench HEN1

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2019-08-22 09:07
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