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dangle suits up with Party Astronauts
After weeks in space camp, dangle has joined his first expedition to MDL.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 21st 2019 5:46 pm    #ESEAAS32 #FinalFeature #PwnAlone #stellar #ben1337 #robby #motm #dangle #RenZ #Magowi #curry #PartyAstronauts  

After being linked with a tentative move to Party Astronauts for the past few weeks, Malick "dangle" Abid has officially joined the squad.

RenZ and Magowi look to rebuild Final Feature

Party Astronauts have been on the lookout for two new players after Ben "ben1337" Smith and  Ian "motm" Hardy left the team at the end of July. Since then, dangle has been spotted playing with Party Astronauts players on numerous occasions, with their most recent outing being the third ESEA Proving Grounds qualifier.

It is expected that fellow former Final Feature player Rahul "curry" Nemani is set to join in short order as he has also been linked with Party Astronauts, though he is yet to join the roster.

Muenster and ben1337 eject from Party Astronauts

With the addition of dangle, Party Astronauts are now:

  • us Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue
  • us Brenden "stellar" McGrath
  • us Robert "robby" Brown
  • us Malick "dangle" Abid

Party Astronauts await the start of MDL Season 32, which is set to begin in less than two weeks on September 2nd.

motm officially joins ATK

#1 Droid
2019-08-21 17:59
bangle da
#2 ird
2019-08-21 19:14
If this team wasnt dead before its dead 100% now
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