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Binturong Boys win Java Cup 3
The mix led by Jack "xCeeD" Holiman grabbed the top prize of $3,000.
Written by: ElGancho    August 19th 2019 1:00 pm    #JavaCup3 #Grim #xCeeD #Reagan #curry #NASCARDads #BinturongBoys #Reagan'sMoneyCrew #NoNamers  

xCeeD & co. dominate Java Cup 3

Java Cup 3 concluded yesterday, with Binturong Boys getting the victory over NASCAR Dads in the grand final of the two-day tournament.

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The tournament took place in Carrollton, Texas and saw eight teams fight for their share of the $4,500 prize pool. The first round saw the higher-seeded teams go through to the semifinals, as Binturong Boys and Reagan "Reagan" Love's Money Crew cruised past 8700 and F douglas, respectively. On the other side of the bracket, NASCAR Dads beat Llamas, while No Namers had no trouble against T34M.

In the first semifinal, NASCAR Dads and Rahul "curry" Nemani gave no chance to No Namers, beating them 16-10 and 16-6 on Inferno and Train, respectively. The second semifinal was the same story, with Binturong Boys winning both Inferno and Overpass to proceed to the final.

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The final started with Nuke, which was Binturong Boys' map pick and it saw Michael "Grim" Wince & co. take the lead in the series after winning the map 16-10. Inferno was even easier for the Boys, as NASCAR Dads could only get seven rounds before falling 2-0.

Java Cup 3
Best of three maps
Binturong Boys
2 - 0
de_nuke 16 - 11 de_nuke
de_inferno 16 - 7 de_inferno
de_overpass de_overpass

With Reagan's Money Crew winning their match against No Namers to secure the third place, the top four teams of the event were:

1. us Binturong Boys (xCeeD, Grim, idoux, mCe, markalodon) - $3,000
2. us NASCAR Dads (curry, madcow, scoutz, athxna, Pterodactylsftw) - $1,000
3. us Reagan's Money Crew (figment, Hyun, Fatality, Reagan, Dutchbag) - $500
4. us No Namers (SANSON, kB, Cronu5, shield, dAvemayNe)

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#1 verizon
2019-08-19 13:39
easy for mark and matthew and the boys
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