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Report: W7M looking to replace skullz with rood
The 22-year-old is expected to be replacing skullz on the Brazilian team's roster.
Written by: ElGancho    August 18th 2019 11:38 am    #W7M #Bulldozer #Evidence #skullz #rood #HEN1 #Luminosity #YJ #EOX #WePlayGames  

HEN1 is allegedly being replaced by skullz

According to a report from Draft5, W7M is looking to sign Rodrigo "rood" Gomes as Felipe "skullz" Medeiros is reportedly in talks with Luminosity.

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rood recently announced on Twitter that he would be leaving the Bulldozer roster and will be a free agent moving forward. He joined Bulldozer after leaving Evidence in June and played in the Brasil Game Cup with the team.

Just weeks after joining W7M in place of Lucas "YJ" Yuji, skullz is planning on moving to a new home. The ex-EOX and WePlayGames player is expected to replace HEN1 on Luminosity, as the team has already shown interest in selling the AWPer.

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If these changes happen, W7M's roster would look as follows:

  • br Rafael "raafa" Lima
  • br Leon "ryotzz" Felipe
  • br Filipe "pancc" Martins
  • br Antonio "realziN" Oliveira
  • br Rodrigo "rood" Gomes
  • br Giovanni "Gio" Deniz (Coach)

W7M are currently placed third in Brasil Game Cup 2019 and are also competing in BGS Esports 2019. They will also be a part of CLUTCH BR League Season 1 starting in September.

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#1 DiSCO
2019-08-18 12:00
who the fuck are any of those players when?
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