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NoVa resolves living situation; looking for new team for Season 32
Although NoVa is no longer LFH, he is still looking LFT as the start of Season 32 draws near.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 13th 2019 10:31 pm    #NoVa #13thHour #ESEAMain #Main #ESEASeason32 #Season32 #Season32Qualifiers #A11ANAT0R  

Following a series of viral Tweets on Sunday about being kicked from his Main team 13th Hour while also looking for a new home, Noah "NoVa" Vaknin has announced that his family have moved into a new home and he is ready to look for a new team for Season 32.

NoVa had initially joined 13th Hour back in May, with the squad narrowly missing out on playoffs after an 8-8 season. Following the departure of another player by the name of "Erebus" in the off-season, NoVa contends that A11ANAT0R took advantage of him missing practice one time due to his living situation to convince the team to kick him.

NoVa also argues that his homelessness was not a legitimate reason to remove him from the lineup as he was still able to consistently make practice, but that A11ANAT0R was "searching for a reason to kick [him] for months". Additionally, at the time of his kicking A11ANAT0R was allegedly aware that NoVa was set to move into his new house within 24 hours, assuring NoVa that the roster moving forward would be "shadow, [A11ANAT0R], [NoVa], adbrigly, and MD".

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A11ANAT0R claims for his part that the decision to cut NoVa was primarily his idea, with him personally wanting to part ways with NoVa for "months" due to his performance on the team hurting their growth. Over the course of the last few months the team unanimously came around to deciding to cut NoVa due to him making "crucial mistakes" repeatedly, and his "inability to adapt as a player and fix issues the team had with him."

He also argues that NoVa's homelessness was never a factor in their decision to cut him and he regrets the unfortunate timing however with the team set to compete in the Advanced qualifier in a little over two weeks, the team wanted as much time as possible to rebuild. 

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Regardless of the reason for his dismissal form 13th hour, with his home situation sorted out, NoVa is ready to recommit towards CS:GO. Any interested parties can reach him on his Twitter here

#1 NoVa27
2019-08-13 23:14
hey thats me!
#2 WallehZz-4LO
2019-08-13 23:39
#3 Eldwolf
2019-08-13 23:42
I was the former coach of 13th hour. I have recently stepped down from the position. But that's not why I'm making this post. I am making this post to say that NoVa is a amazing teammate, he takes criticism and game play critiques better than any other player I have coached. He keeps a positive attitude even during the worst of times. I have nothing but good things to say about him. I wish him the best of luck with the future of his CSGO career. If you wish to know more about him as a player I will gladly give a more detailed analysis ( you can contact me on steam @ eldwolf, esea @ eldwolf, or twitter @Drakkenrich. )
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