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Singularity win NCS Chicago Major
North America's rising stars had a near-flawless LAN event.
Written by: SweatyCarrot    August 11th 2019 9:22 pm    #Singularity #ESLProLeague #Relegation #NCSMajorChicago #Big Frames #floppy #Shakezulla #JustSwing #Bronchitis   

Shakezullah and his team will be fighting for their shot in Pro League at the end of this week.

The NCS Major Chicago came to a close today, seeing Singularity emerge victorious. The final day of play began with the eventual champions facing off against Just Swing, followed by Big Frames taking on Bronchitis.

Just Swing, Bronchitis through to NCS Major Chicago semifinals

In the first bout, Singularity dropped their only map of the tournament 16-14 on Train. Though Train is normally Singularity's instant ban and their worst map, they elected to play it here because of the upcoming ESL Pro League Relegation tournament. After Train, Singularity took Mirage and Overpass handily, with 16-9 and 16-2 scorelines, respectively.

After the conclusion of the event, Singularity's Ricky "floppy" Kemery told that the team aren't, "showing shit" ahead of Thursday's Relegation tournament.

Shakezullah: "[floppy] is without a doubt the best player that I've ever played with"

In the second semifinal, Big Frames took the first map by storm with a 16-4 win on Dust II. Bronchitis were able to rally and put up a good fight on Train, but Big Frames dug in to clean and jerk their way to a 16-12 victory, setting the stage for the final showdown. 

The grand final began with Overpass, and what started off looking like another day in the office for Singularity quickly turned into a nail-biter as rounds started trading late in the second half. When Big Frames took the lead 13-12, Singularity called a time out to mentally reset, and when freezetime ended, the boys in green bulldozed through the defenses to get the ball in their court. They closed out their map pick 16-14, and set the tone for the rest of the match. 

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Going into Big Frames' map pick, Mirage, Singularity surfed the same wave of momentum they had been riding since last map's pause. Starting out on the attack, they managed to pick up eight rounds before Big Frames answered back. The first half ended 11-4 in favor of Singularity, and they quickly brought the tournament to a close in the second ending the final map 16-7. 

With their win, not only do Singularity take home $5,000, but they also recieve free entry  and travel to the NCS Grand Finals in December. The rest of the prize pool breakdown is as follows:

    1. us Singularity (floppy, Shakezulla, ryann, hydrex, oSee) - $5,000
    2. us Big Frames (devastation, Nurfed, L0NER, Church, Welshy) - $2,500
3-4. us Just Swing (MoMo, cxzi, Axed, retrQ, RenZ) - $1,250
3-4. us Bronchitis (Wilky, Bjor, Jxwk, Kermey, hyper-) - $1,250

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