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Just Swing, Bronchitis through to NCS Major Chicago semifinals
As the sun sets on the Windy City, playoff matches begin.
Written by: SweatyCarrot    August 10th 2019 11:34 pm    #NCSMajorChicago #N3rdStreetGamers #NCS #Chicago #Singularity #JustSwing #Iniquity #BigFrames #Bronchitis #BLNK #NSG  

With their sleeveless leader behind them, Singularity will be one of four teams fighting for the lion's share of $10,000

After a long day, only four teams are left in the battle to lift the NCS Major Chicago trophy. On the flip side, four teams were sent home empty handed. 

NCS Major Chicago heads to playoffs

The first round of playoffs kicked off this evening with a best-of-three between Just Swing and Iniquity. Just Swing were able to easily secure Mirage, only giving up three rounds to Iniquity. Up against the ropes, Iniquity tried to claw their way back and pull off a reverse sweep on Overpass. It was not enough. Winning 16-14, Just Swing earned their ticket to the semifinals. 

BLNK and Bronchitis followed a similar storyline. Bronchitis swiftly took the first map 16-7, though they nearly fumbled the second. After a hard fought battle, Bronchitis brought the series to a close 16-14, finalizing tomorrow's bracket.

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Tomorrow will see three more games, with this evening's victors facing off against Singularity and Big Frames following their convincing group stage performances earlier today. Sunday's schedule is:

us Singularity   vs. us Just Swing   12 PM EDT
us Big Frames   vs. us Bronchitis   3 PM EDT
Grand Final   6 PM EDT

The full bracket including past matches can be seen here.

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