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New Identity proceed to Fragadelphia 13 Online finals
Day three and four of Fragadelphia Online have ended, with most of the favorites still alive.
Written by: ElGancho    August 9th 2019 3:10 pm    #FragadelphiaOnline #dazzLe #wrath #Relyks #ATK #InFinity #JMoneyTeam #WARDELL #NewIdentity #RBG #Mode #BushidoBoyz #Kinesis  

wrath & co. have reaches the tournament's final

Two more days of Fragadelphia Online have concluded, with the favorites continuing their runs in the tournament.

Fragadelphia 13 Online underway; NSG events to heighten security following threat

ATK stood strong in the first semi-final of the upper bracket, beating Bushido Boyz 2-0 with Mirage going to overtime and finishing 19-17, and Inferno ending with a 16-9 scoreline. The second semi saw New Identity clash with Matthew "WARDELL" Yu's J Money Team in a three map series where the MDL side came out on top and proceeded to the upper bracket final.

Collin "wrath" McSweegan & co. once again showed no mercy disposing of the South-African/American team in only two maps. Even though Overpass went to double overtime, New Identity were able to close it out and conclude the series with a 16-9 win on Dust2.

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The second round of the lower bracket started with nTice defeating Kinesis and Mode Media House coming out on top in their matchup with Scrub Garden. The favorites prevailed once again, as InFinity bested Drove Here From Cali and RBG finishing their match much quicker than expected, with Cursed Ascension forfeiting after the first map. 

The third round saw both series going to third maps, as nTice put up a fight in the first two maps against Mode Media House, losing Inferno 22-19 and winning Nuke 16-14 before ending their tournament run in a 16-8 loss on Mirage. The second match between InFinity and RBG saw the Colombian/Guatemalan team overcome the Advanced side, winning Inferno 16-7 and Mirage 16-10 and taking Dust2 to triple overtime.

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The next round of the lower bracket looks like this:

                               Lower Bracket Round 4:                                         
  us Mode Media House vs.  us Bushido Boyz
  co InFinity vs.  us J Money Team

The full bracket is available here.

The winners of these matches will battle for a spot in the Lower Bracket final against ATK.

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#1 006_tv
2019-08-09 19:45
Ez for J Money Team
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