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FPL-C Recap - ReckMONSTER tops the first week of August
Meanwhile kuba fell just short of winning back-to-back weeks.
Written by: ElGancho    August 8th 2019 12:56 pm    #FPL-C #ReckMONSTER #kuba #Magowi #Polen #thief #PureR #curry #J0LZ #Aceflyin  

The first week of August FPL-C has come to an end, and Ethan "ReckMONSTER" Serrano finished on top for the $1,250 prize. ReckMONSTER won 32 out of 49 matches, and earned a total of 1,184 points. Even though Jakub "kuba" Matyskiewicz played 40 matches, it was Shawn "Magowi" O'Malley who placed second, having played 29 but having a bigger win rate of 66%, compared to the 57% of kuba.

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The top ten FPL-C players of this week are:

Rank  Player Points    Prize
1. us Ethan "ReckMONSTER" Serrano 1,184   $1,250
2. ca Shawn "Magowi" O'Malley 1,110   $600
3. us Jakub "kuba" Matyskiewicz 1,094   $300
4. us Adam "Polen" Polen 1,090   $200
5. us Brady "thief" Dever 1,090   $150
6. us Bryce "PureR" Lovell 1,078  
7. us Rahul "curry" Nemani 1,076  
8. ca David "J0LZ" Jolin 1,068  
9. us Andy "Aceflyin" Zedan 1,064  
10. ca Ryan "shanks" Ngo 1,048  

The full leaderboard can be seen here.

Adam "Polen" Polen and Brady "thief" Dever rounded out the top five, both earning 1,090 points. Due to Polen's higher winrate, he was able to steal fourth place away from thief. 

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