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The Entourage win NETGEAR Winter
The mixteam won the event in San Jose over Dragon Hunterz.
Written by: CarbonDogma    December 4th 2017 5:55 pm    #NETGEARWinter #NETGEAR #TheEntourage #Xp3 #mizoo #EMUHLEET #RIKO #REZU #CarpeDiem #SileNt #di  

Hopefully RIKO will receive his prize money before his Denial money

AFKgg Gamer Lounge ran a tournament in San Jose, California on December 2nd and 3rd which featured $5,000 in prizes including NETGEAR products and $2,000 in cash. The tournament featured 22 teams and 6 groups. The top two teams of each group advanced to the playoffs which featured a best of one single elimination bracket.

The Entourage, headed by David "Xp3" Garrido and Emmalee "EMUHLEET" Garrido, took home the trophy after only dropping a single map to the other finalist during the group stage, Dragon Hunterz. In the grand final, Jeff "REZU" Ngo and Dylan "RIKO" Sabin-Arnce carried most of the weight, as the two put up big numbers. The first place prize was 5 keyboards valued at $150 each, 5 routers valued at $400 each, and $2,325 cash.

A mix containing players Samuel "SileNt" Portillo and Diane "di^" Tran also competed under the name Carpe Diem, but lost to Eina's Fan Club in the quarterfinals.

Here you can find the final standings:

1st . us The Entourage (Xp3, EMUHLEET, mizoo, REZU, RIKO)
2nd. us Dragon Hunterz (mr_tony, Gabir, battery, moopey, Aluminium)
3rd-4th. us Eina's Fan Club (n3b, NEXGENEEZY, iigLu, Miichz, reaL)
3rd-4th. us S Y R E (retro, ColeUP, TiNUP, Stix, Argoms)
5th-8th. us Carpe Diem (pauLy, di^, BioticRain, SileNt, abE)
5th-8th. us Over The Dream (KP, KYLE1, NickMG, PWNDe, Dsk)
5th-8th. us Make CS Great Again (Yung Koala, harden, Cadenza, Jonesy, ReckMONSTER)
5th-8th. us Bibby & the Boys (Bibby, yEETADEE, hunter, wonder, Katsu)

#1 Buddio
2017-12-04 18:59
Hopefully RIKO will receive his prize money before his Denial money LUL
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