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Skelly's Shitter Squad win Ministry of Game's Operation Crimson Star
Last week Skelly's Shitter Squad claimed the lion's share of a $3,000 LAN after besting Frenchies with an EGO.
Written by: Mnmzzz    July 19th 2019 5:29 pm    #MinistryofGame #OperationCrimsonStar #Skelly #djay #rugrat #FaNg #kXn #FrenchieswithanEGO #Skelly'sShitterSquad  

Skelly's squad overcame freshie's Frenchies to claim 1st place in Toronto last weekend

Skelly's Shitter Squad have taken first place at Ministry of Game's Operation Crimson Star last weekend, overcoming Frenchies with an EGO in the final.

Skelly's Shitter Squad started their run off in group three, where they topped their group after picking up quick wins over ABG4L, Walmart Door Greeters, and Off Constantly.

Following this, in their first playoffs matchup they secured 2-0 series over LANLORDS, Walmart Door Greeter, My Zesty Besties to meet Frenchies with an EGO in the finals.

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In the finals, they dominated  Adam "freshie" Paterson's Frenchies with an EGO, taking a quick 16-4 win on Mirage before closing out the series 2-0.

The top 4 at Operation Crimson star were:

1. ca Skelly's Shitter Squad (Skelly, djay, FaNg, rugrat, kXn)
2. nam Frenchies with an EGO 
3. nam My Zesty Besties 
4. nam Walmart Door Greeters 

The complete bracket can be found here.

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#1 Joe
2019-07-19 21:40
OwO nice try fweshie-chan ;w; better luck next time!!! ^U^
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