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floppy: "We are really confident playing against [FURIA]"
We caught up with the Singularity player ahead of the team's match against FURIA to discuss MDL Finals and various stages of the Americas Minor.
Written by: Mnmzzz    July 12th 2019 5:00 pm    #ESEAMDLS31 #ESEAGlobalChallengeS31 #FURIA #Singularity #floppy #BadNewsBears #NRG #Envy #Minor #AmericasMinor #StarLadder #StarLadderMajorBerlin  

floppy likes his teams chances of making EPL and the Global Challenge finals

With Singularity set to take on FURIA for a spot in EPL later today, Collin "CarbonDogma" Davis spoke to Ricky "floppy" Kemery. He talked about Singularity's preparations against FURIA, their run in the StarLadder Berlin Major Americas Minor Closed Qualifier, and the team's expectations for the StarLadder Berlin Major Americas Minor.

Did you guys know about the visa issues with Rinaldo "ableJ" Moda Junior during your preparation at all?

No we didn't. We just learned about it as soon as we got here yesterday.

So, what are your expectations, either your previous expectations, or your new ones going into the game later?

With ableJ we did a lot of homework on FURIA in the past two weeks, we watched a ton of demos about them and we pretty much know exactly how they play on every single map and we are really confident playing against them. Now with Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira playing I think we'll still be confident it's just going to be slightly different now that ableJ isn't here. We assume guerri is going to be playing the same spots as ableJ and then we can just see how it plays out.

guerri and T.c to stand-in for FURIA and ATK in Dallas

For the Global Challenge [during] the other two days do you guys have a particular goal for the event?

To make finals in the Global Challenge is the goal. I want to see Vitality.

Going back a bit to the Minor Qualifier, lets run through your path you took there, and first you started off against Bad News Bears which you had a little rivalry with. So how was it being able to beat them in that game?

Well, Bad News Bears they just suck to be honest. They really suck. And we don't like them because they like to waste our time in practice so we really don't like playing against them that much. 

Then you guys went to three maps against NRG, did you think [your team] had a chance to win there?

Yeah, because thats when they changed Damian "daps" Steele for Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz so we were confident based on our map pool, I think its really strong but obviously NRG is a really good team so they have a stronger map pool regardless if they swapped one player.

In the final game against Envy, were you guys expecting to win that? How did it feel to be able to overcome them?

Yeah it the same thing as against Bad News Bears, [Envy] is really scrimmy and we just know how to play against that. Like we were really prepared against them as well.

How does it feel being able to go to your first Minor? I think its the first Minor for all five players on the team.

First minor, we're trying to get stickers out here. That's the dream... floppy stickers.

At the Minor, you are in a group with NRG, oNe, and Sharks, and I would say you're probably a favorite to go to playoffs. So do you think about how well you'll place, top three, top two?

We [want to] win our group and then most likely play eUnited in the semi-finals, [overall] we want to make top two for sure.

StarLadder Major Berlin Americas Minor groups announced

For you in particular, last time I was here you were on, so how's it been being able to join Singularity and sort of becoming the star player of the team?

Yeah well I get set up a lot by my team, I pretty much kind of bait them to be honest. With the way our strats work, I'm put in positions where I need to bait in a sense because if I just run in, it would be a useless task. But my team does a lot for me and I grateful to them.

Singularity are set to travel to Berlin next week for the StarLadder Berlin Major Americas where they will be facing off against Sharks in their opening matchup.

FURIA and Singularity advance to MDL Season 31 grand finals

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