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SODMG win WINNERS League Starter Division
bul and co. dominated their opposition on the way to securing a Season 3 Invite Division spot.
Written by: Mnmzzz    July 8th 2019 6:40 pm    #WINNERSLeagueS2 #FACEIT #SODMG #CursedAscension #ESEACloutTokens #heX #Kinesis #Nutraus #Top0 #WestCoastFraggers  

The final matchup of the WINNERS League Season 2 Starter Division ended last night, with ESEA Advanced team SODMG besting their Main opposition 2-0 to claim the $2,150 top prize, and a ticket to the Season 3 Invite Division.

SODMG had a relatively easy road to the finals as they only dropped a single map during the entirety of their playoffs run. In the finals, Erik "bul" Penny led the way for his team in their 16-11 and 16-9 victories, with the player putting up 57 kills over the course of the two maps.

The top eight for the Starter Division is as follows:

1. us SODMG (nosraC, stamina, bul, MoMo, Ayumi) - $2,150
2. us Cursed Ascension (Sausa, Zebra, chance, magister, Agust) - $1,100
3-4. us ESEA Clout Tokens (SaucetiN, mirari, JAQe, webzz, John) - $500
3-4. us heX (zecK, sterling, bite, thief, nero) - $500
5-8. us Kinesis (orbit, mxj, lapua, steven, Dexsis) - $250
5-8. us Nutraus  (Flight, Kscual, Samson, crazylegs, Sadi) - $250
5-8. cn Top 0 (Strawberry, Gank88, Mumu, XinKoiNg, KeGOD) - $250
5-8. us West Coast Fraggers (Reloadz, HoboNaught, XtaSy, 666illuminati, finish) - $250 

Lazarus overcome New Identity to top WINNERS League Season 2

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