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FPL-C Recap - JoshRT takes the week
The 27-year-old took seven straight wins to end the week at the top of the board.
Written by: Nohte    July 8th 2019 3:40 pm    #FPL #FPL-C #JoshRT #nosraC #zander #Sneaky #retrQ #tweiss #rugrat #ULTRA  

The first week of FPL-C for July has come to an end, with Josh "JoshRT" Lee topping the standings having won 27 of the 43 games he played.

FPL-C Recap - zander takes final week; Winsum and tweiss promoted to FPL

With a two-way tie occuring for tenth place, here are the top eleven players from the past week:

Rank Player Points Prize
1. us Josh "JoshRT" Lee 1,142 $1,250
2. us Carson "nosraC" O'Reilly 1,104 $600
3. us Alexander "zander" Diaz 1,100 $300
4. us David "Sneaky" Polster 1,096 $200
5. us Alexander "retrQ" Kadan 1,092 $150
6. ca Randy "smiley" Sandoval 1,084  
7. ca Erik "bul" Penny 1,076  
8. us Khizar "MoMo" Rehman 1,064  
9. us Mike "real_bM" Desanto 1,048  
10. us Tommy "Axed" Ryan 1,048  
10. us Chris "riku" Piasecki 1,048  

The complete standings can be found here.

Last week's winner, Alexander "zander" Diaz, returned to the top five this week, although he slipped down two spots to end his run in third place. Just four points separated each of the players below first, with JoshRT pulling reasonably far ahead by winning seven straight maps to close out the week.

Aside from zander, no one else from last week's top five returned to place in the money, with Tyler "tweiss" Weiss having secured promotion to FPL at the end of last month. The closest was Erik "bul" Penny, who managed a seventh place finish, while Nassir "rugrat" Francique and Noah "ULTRA" Giesbrecht both fell far down the standings, with the former player dropping all the way down to 84th and the latter only playing 13 games to end the week in 25th. 

FPL Recap - no_one wins

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