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Final Feature get Hysterical, Holo lose two, Cyclone disperse
These may just be the last changes of Season 31.
Written by: Mnmzzz    July 5th 2019 5:32 pm    #ESEA #ESEAAdvancedS31 #ESEAAdvancedS32 #Holo #Cyclone #FinalFeature #Hysteria #dangle #Mundle #RenZ #jitter #Magowi #Holo #Ematics #ayjin #Noxio #Turismo #JazzPimp #Sway #ara #Meech #Walco #wiz #Vita^  

With the ESEA Advanced regular season coming to a close, Final Feature, Holo, and Cyclone have mades changes as they prepare for playoffs or for Season 32.

ESEA Advanced Season 31 reaches playoffs

On June 23rd, playoff-bound team Hysteria finally found an organization in the form of Final Feature. This signing mark the return of the organization to CS:GO after they dropped the team currently known as Bushido Boyz back in March.

As such, Final Feature now hosts the following roster:

  • us Malick "dangle" Abid
  • us Jordan "jitter" Ruggiero
  • us Jeremy "Mundle" King
  • us Austin "RenZ" Dickman
  • ca Shawn "Magowi" O'Malley

Final Feature will be playing Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien's absolute mad lads in round one of the Advanced playoffs next Tuesday at 9 PM EDT.

welly and the Bandits leave Final Feature; make agM official

As for Holo, the team have been reduced to three players as Gene "ayjin" Krivachek left the team last week, while  Sam "Noxio" Goodwin is set to leave in short order. ayjin told that he decided to leave Holo and will be taking a break from CS:GO due to a lack of cohesion and practice along with the disappointment of narrowly missing playoffs. Noxio will also be taking a break from the game and it is currently unknown if the players will look for new homes for Season 32.

As a result, Holo is now:

  • us Jazzy "Ematics" Kruczynski 
  • us Dominick "JazzPimp" Dimpfel
  • us Michael "Turismo" Haas
  • mx Manuel "S1mple" Mieres (Coach)
  • ca Andrew "shmaw" Situ (Backup)

shmaw benched as Turismo reunites with Noxio on Holo

The final change sees Cyclone break up after the team recently ended their season with a modest 8-8 record. was told by the players that they ultimately decided to part ways on amicable terms after realizing that the team environment had severely degraded and the team hit their ceiling and were unlikely to improve anymore.

Cyclone's roster at the end of Season 31 was:

  • us Austin "Sway" Pollock
  • us Troy "ara" Pollock
  • us Cole "Meech" Salm
  • ca Colby "Walco" Walsh
  • us Jerric "wiz" Jiang

Cole "Meech" Salm told that he plans on building a new team in the spot with friend Alec "Vita^" D'amico as Cyclone prepare for Season 32.

Cyclone players land iNTACT

#1 Joe
2019-07-05 18:52
The minecraft cheater appears on yet another roster
#2 honeybunch
2019-07-06 12:38
ez for S1mple
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