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Envy and oNe advance to ESL One New York Closed Qualifier
A dismal turnout predictably sees the two best teams advance from the second open qualifier.
Written by: Nohte    June 16th 2019 9:12 pm    #ESLOneNewYork2019 #Envy #oNe #NewIdentity #absolutemadlads #Lazarus #eUnited  

s0m and co. are headed to the Closed Qualifier for ESL One New York

The second ESL One New York open qualifier has concluded, granting Envy and oNe spots in the Closed Qualifier alongside Lazarus and eUnited.

Envy and New Identity breeze into second ESL One New York qualifier top four

oNe were the first to secure their spot with a 2-1 victory over New Identity. Although the Brazilians opened up the series with a 5-1 lead on the CT-side of Inferno, they quickly found themselves on the back foot as just one more round on the defensive side went their way for a 9-6 lead in New Identity's favor. The second half also bore little fruit for oNe, with the team managing just two rounds at the start before Will "dazzLe" Loafman and Collin "wrath" McSweegan closed out the map with a 16-8 victory.

The series seemed set for a swift victory for wrath and co. as New Identity put up a stellar defense on Train, granting oNe just a single round out of the opening ten for a 9-1 lead. oNe were able to claw back three additional rounds as the half drew to a close, managing to add another trio off the back of a pistol victory in the second half. Another two rounds went to New Identity as they remained ahead at 13-7, but a solid comeback effort and an even better defense allowed for oNe to run up nine rounds straight to close out their own map pick 16-13.

Lazarus and eUnited claim spots in ESL One New York Closed Qualifier

The script was flipped on the deciding map of Nuke, with oNe mustering a 10-1 lead on the T-side before New Identity added a second round to the board. oNe were able to mirror New Identity's scoreline from Train as they ended the half up 11-4, with New Identity managing only one final round before oNe closed out the series with a 16-5 win on Nuke.

ESL One New York 2019 North America Open Qualifier 2
Best of three maps
New Identity
1 - 2
de_inferno 16 - 8 de_inferno
de_train 13 - 16 de_train
de_nuke 5 - 16 de_nuke

A similar scenario unfolded in Envy's matchup against Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien's absolute mad lads, with Envy only mustering three CT-side rounds in a row on the opening map of Overpass to trail 3-12 at the half. A comeback effort for Envy was cut short by Zander "FIEND" Bates, who ended the map with 31 frags to narrowly edge out the map 16-13 for his team.

Envy were quick to answer back on their own pick of Nuke, although OCEAN and co. did take the lead at the onset of the map for a 3-1 scoreline. The lead proved to be of little concern to Envy, with Noah "Nifty' Francis helping to power his side to a 10-5 T-side half to pull ahead. absolute mad lads narrowed the deficit with two rounds at the start of the second half, but those were the only T-side rounds that they found as Envy closed out their own pick 16-7 to advance the series to the deciding map of Train.

ESL One New York 2019 announced

Envy encountered little resistance on the third and final map, mustering a 12-3 lead at the end of their CT-side. A pistol round victory in the second half allowed for OCEAN's side to prolong the map for two rounds, but Envy remained resilient to close out the map 16-5 and take home the series victory.

ESL One New York 2019 North America Open Qualifier 2
Best of three maps
2 - 1
absolute mad lads
de_overpass 13 - 16 de_overpass
de_nuke 16 - 7 de_nuke
de_train 16 - 5 de_train

With the second open qualifier now over, the team list for the ESL One New York 2019 Closed Qualifier looks as follows:

us Envy us eUnited
us Lazarus br oNe
nam Invite nam Invite
nam Invite nam Invite

Lazarus sign yay

The ESL One New York Closed Qualifier is set to play out on June 27th, with the single-elimination best-of-three bracket awarding a single team with a spot at the $200,000 event.

#1 006_tv
2019-06-17 23:01
I haven't wanted a team to win so bad since OGC :(
EDIT: Forgot OGC
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