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Rank S Recap - cxzi cracks $10,000
Just over five months into the year, a player has already earned a five-digit sum from playing in Rank S.
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The first week of Rank S and Rank G for June has come to an end, following up last week's five-way tie for first place with a three-way tie for first and a two-way tie for second. Rank S regulars Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk and Peter "ptr" Gurney returned to the top of the board this week, with Old Guys Club member Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert joining the fray for his own chunk of change.

Rank S Recap - Everybody wins

The top ten for the past week of Rank S is as follows:

Rank Name $ Prize
1. us Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk $716.66
1. us Bryce "PureR" Lovell $716.66
1. us Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert $716.66
2. us Brandon "BOOBIE" Roberts $425
2. us Peter "ptr" Gurney $425
3. us Caleb "opportunity" Davis  
4. us Sebastian "seb" Bucki  
4. ca Jonathan "djay" Dallal  
5. us David "Toy" Han  
5. us Daniel "tropiiical" Elshani  

The full standings are available here.

Caleb "opportunity" Davis missed out on his chance to tie for second place by four points, with Peter "ptr" Gurney managing to do himself one better than last week by moving up from his sixth place finish to tie with Brandon "BOOBIE" Roberts. 

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The top ten earners for Rank S 2019 so far are as follows:

Rank Change Name Total $
1. - us Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk $10,406.66
2. - us Jeff "RZU" Ngo $9,516.66
3. - us Derek "desi" Branchen $6,458.33
4. - us Chris "Slash" Petersen $6,347.89
5. +1 us Peter "ptr" Gurney $6,117.85
6. -1 ca Derrick "LILMAN" Boyne $6,082.08
7. - usJake "kaboose" McDonald $3,787.48
8. - us Alex "aproto" Protopapas $3,737.50
9. - us Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue $3,520.00
10. - us Ian "tex" Botsch $3,508.33

The sole change in the standings this week saw ptr surpass Derrick "LILMAN" Boyne for fifth place, with the 25-year-old Canadian likely unable to put the same amount of time into the game after being hired as the General Manager for NRG CS:GO. Notably, another top finish this past week for cxzi sees him become the first player to crack the $10,000 mark for Rank S winnings in 2019.

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Michael "Turismo" Haas topped the Rank G leaderboard for the week, finishing twenty points above his closest competitor in the form of Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk.

The standings for the week were:

Rank Name $ Prize
1. us Michael "Turismo" Haas $1,000.00
2. us Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk $500.00
3. us Brian "Brian2K" Ladron De Guevara $262.50
3. us Brett "GOLA" Golabek $262.50
4. ca Cedric "M3lio" Perrault $225.00
5. us Anthony "agony" Masterton $175.00
5. us Ronald "YaBoiRon" Masters $175.00
5. us Amine  "dopamine" Hamzic $175.00
6. us Jet "Jet-" Gao $112.50
6. ca Randy "Smiley" Sandoval $112.50

The full standings are available here.

A number of ties occurred below him, most notably with a three-way tie for fifth place resulting in a split share of the prize pool. The only players aside from Turismo to take home the full share of their winnings were Asuna and LiviD's Cedric "M3lio" Perrault, who ended the week in fourth place.

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