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Mythic Cup 3 announced; ATK, Bad News Bears, Singularity receive invites
Mythic have slightly boosted the prize pool again, while also increasing the size of the cup to feature 16 teams.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 29th 2019 8:35 am    #MythicCup3 #ATK #BadNewsBears #Chrisandtheboys #ex-Zone #GoodGamePR #PartyAstronauts #PolarAce #Prospects #Singularity #Variance  

The Bad News Bears-Singularity rivalry continues as both previous champions have received invites to the third cup

Mythic have returned once more with the third iteration of the Mythic Cup, this time with a slightly larger $2,500 prize pool, and an increase in the number of teams from eight to sixteen. The previous iteration of the Mythic Cup saw Bad News Bears beat inaugural champions Singularity in a tight 2-1  series.

Bad News Bears overcome Singularity to top Mythic Cup 2

The current team lineup features nine MDL team alongside the sole Advanced representative Good Game PR. Four more invites are set to be handed out, with the final two spots being distributed via an open qualifier.

The two-day event is set to begin on June 15th at 7PM EDT, with the open qualifier starting the day before, on June 14th at 8PM EDT.

Bad News Bears and Singularity advance to Mythic Cup 2 grand finals

The team list for the third Mythic Cup looks as follows:

za ATK us Bad News Bears
us Chris and the boys us ex-Zone 
us Good Game PR us Party Astronauts
us Polar Ace us Prospects
us Singularity us Variance
nam Invite nam Invite
nam Invite nam Invite
nam Open Qualifier nam Open Qualifier

The link to sign up for the open qualifier can be found here.

Singularity steamroll the competition to top Mythic Cup

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