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WINNERS League Week 5 Recap: ATK continue perfect season
MDL squads have performed exceptionally well compared to their EPL counterparts, although Variance are still yet to find a win.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 9th 2019 9:37 am    #WINNERSLeague #FACEIT #BigFrames #LiviD #INTZ #LasVegasMiniGunners #Lowkey #Singularity #Hyper #IndentityDisorder #PartyAstronauts #vitrioL #HighOctane #MASSIVEimpact #oNe #Chrisandtheboys #Dignitasfe #Grizzlys #Mythic #Royal #Luminosity #TheQuest  

Week five of the WINNERS League has ended, with numerous MDL sides securing their spots in the playoffs following strong performances this week.

WINNERS League Week 4 Recap: Royal rule Group D

In Group A, ATK have taken the top spot after going 3-0 this week. In Group B, Singularity sport a 6-1 record following a 16-7 win against vitrioL.

Over in Group C, ex-Zone have eclipsed oNe in the standings after besting the team 16-10 on Inferno. Finally, in Group D, Luminosity have seemingly thrown in the towel on the season, forfeiting five matches this week. The team likely have done so as a result of their late addition to ESL Pro League Season 9, and the resulting scheduling conflicts with the league.

Luminosity invited to ESL Pro League in place of Rogue

Group A W-L Group B W-L
za ATK 5-0 us Singularity 6-1
us Big Frames 4-1 br INTZ 5-0
us Lazarus 4-1 us Lowkey 3-1
us Polar Ace 4-2 us Party Astronauts 3-3
us CLG Red 2-4 us Hyper  2-4
ca LiviD 1-3 us IdentityDisorder 1-4
us Hysteria 1-4 us Las Vegas MiniGunners 1-4
us Variance 0-6 us vitrioL 1-5
Group C W-L Group D W-L
us ex-Zone 5-1 us Royal 5-0
us MASSIVEimpact 4-1 us Mythic 4-0
br oNe 4-2 us Dogs of War 4-2
us Chris and the boys 3-3 us The Quest 3-2
us Bad News Bears 2-1 us iNTACT 2-4
ca Grizzlys 1-4 br Luminosity  1-6
us High Octane 1-4 us Team Front  1-2
us Dignitas fe 0-4 us VAE VICTIS  0-4

Some of the notable matches scheduled for next week are listed below:

Matchup Date Time
us Polar Ace vs. za ATK May 14th  10 PM EDT
us Party Astronauts vs. br INTZ May 14th  10 PM EDT
us Mythic vs. us Dogs of War May 14th 9PM EDT
br oNe vs. us Bad News Bears May 15th 10 PM EDT

Variance release SPAMMER; add zNf and BASE

#1 006_tv
2019-05-10 06:48
Ez for Vae Victis
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