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Singularity sweep ex-Zone to win Fragadelphia Online 5th Year Anniversary event
A one-map advantage headed into the grand finals was all that ex-Zone emerged with.
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ryann ensured victory for Singularity on Overpass

Singularity have defeated ex-Zone in the grand finals of Fragadelphia's 5th Year Anniversary online event, earning $1,300 for a first place finish.

ex-Zone send Singularity to lower bracket in Fragadelphia Online 5th Year Anniversary event; eight teams remain

The majority of the matches leading up to the grand final went much as expected, with all but one series ending in 2-0 victories. The most notable results saw ex-Zone defeat Chris and the boys in the upper bracket finals to advance, Singularity eliminate Polar Ace 2-1 in the lower bracket semifinals, and Chris and the boys fall to Singularity in the consolidation final. The complete bracket for the tournament can be found here.

Due to clashes with MDL, WINNERS League, and the second Mythic Cup, the best-of-five grand final clash between Singularity and ex-Zone that was originally intended to play out yesterday was pushed back to today. Following the conclusion of the veto, which saw Singularity remove Dust2 and ex-Zone remove Veritgo, the battlegrounds for the teams were set to be Nuke, Train, Overpass, and Inferno, with ex-Zone starting the series with a one-map advantage thanks to their flawless run in the upper bracket.

koga and co. exit the Zone

Singularity's pick of Nuke was up first in the series, with ex-Zone starting off on the CT-side of the map. Despite starting on the disadvantageous side, Singularity gave themselves a solid start to the series by winning six of the opening seven rounds of Nuke. A six-round streak allowed for ex-Zone to keep the scoreline close at the half, but once the sides swapped over the map was firmly in the control of Alan "Shakezullah" Hardman's side as they worked their way to a 16-8 map victory.

ex-Zone fared even worse on their own pick of Train, with Singularity mustering twelve rounds on the CT-side of the map for a massive edge at the end of the first half. That lead was quickly extended as Singularity won three of the opening four rounds of the second half, immediately granting themselves match point. Alexander "zander" Diaz and co. forstalled the end of the map by winning five additional rounds, but Singularity were unwavering as they took the lead in the series with a 16-9 map win.

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Tragedy struck for ex-Zone just before the start of the third map, with a CS:GO update leaving zander unable to connect to the server. After spending over thirty minutes trying to fix the issue, the team opted to utilize their coach Terric "Bibby" Ingram for the first half of the map.

Singularity immediately capitalized on the opening by taking the first two rounds of Overpass, but quickly found themselves pushed back as combined efforts from Joshua "Hunter" Madore, Alex "aproto" Protopapas, and Mike "Swisher" Schmid allowed for ex-Zone to rally back and win six of the ensuing seven rounds. Singularity stabilized towards the latter portion of the half, managing to narrowly edge out the lead 8-7 as they swapped over to their T-side.

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ex-Zone attempted to even the score once zander was back in the server, but once again found themselves trailing behind Singularity as a team ace granted Shakezullah's side the advantage at the start of the second half. Four kills from Hunter on the first gun round allowed for ex-Zone to get on the board, adding a second to the tally to force Singularity on to a pistol buy. 

Two deagle frags by Ryan "ryann" Welsh granted Singularity an opening on their eco round, with Shakezullah cleaning up the kills to immediately answer back and put Singularity back in control. A four-kill round from ryann against a force-buy seemed set to cement Singularity's stance as the winner, with three kills from zander on an eco prolonging the map just a little longer before ryann and Shakezullah ensured victory with triple kill rounds of their own.

Fragadelphia Online 2019: 5th Year Anniversary
Best of five maps
1 - 3
de_default de_default
de_nuke 8 - 16 de_nuke
de_train 9 - 16 de_train
de_overpass 10 - 16 de_overpass
de_inferno de_inferno

The top eight teams for the Fragadelphia Online 5th Year Anniversary event are:

    1. us Singularity - $1,300
    2. us ex-Zone - $450
    3. us Chris and the boys - $250
    4. us Cyclone
5-6. us Hysteria
5-6. us Polar Ace
7-8. br New England Whalers
7-8. us Onyx

Bad News Bears and Singularity advance to Mythic Cup 2 grand finals

Singularity are set to compete in a quartet of matches for MDL this week, kicking off with a match against Chris and the boys on Wednesday at 8 PM EDT. The team will also face off against Bad News Bears in the grand finals of the second Mythic Cup, with the best-of-three scheduled for May 14th at 8 PM EDT.

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