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slashLEVEL replace opportunity with riku
The now former slashLEVEL member will be looking for a new opportunity for Season 31.
Written by: Mnmzzz    April 21st 2019 9:15 pm    #slashLEVEL #ESEAMDL31 #opportunity #riku #Sneaky #Underwatch  

With a little over a week left before the start of MDL Season 31, slashLEVEL have elected to cut Caleb "opportunity" Davis and bring on former Lowkey member Chris "riku" Piasecki.

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When reached out for comment, Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim told us that it was a team decision, and that moving into Season 31 they wanted to add a more consistent primary AWPer to the roster. 

riku's addition comes following the recent end of the player's tenure with Lowkey, a team that finished Advanced in 9th-16th place, following a 2-0 loss to Thunder Logic. riku previously played with slashLEVEL member David "Sneaky" Polster at the recent Boston Underwatch LAN.

Moving forward, slashLEVEL's roster is now:

  • us Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim
  • ca Marc-Andre "NiSMO" Tayar
  • us David "Sneaky" Polster
  • us Kaitlin "Katie" Boop
  • us Chris "riku" Piasecki

MDL Season 31 is set to begin on April 29th. 

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#1 retrQ
2019-04-21 21:42
if this team gets 5 wins ill run across the street naked
#2 006_tv
2019-04-22 07:06
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