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ESEA announce Season 31 qualification cups
ESEA have brought back their qualification cups, although this time a few adjustments have been made.
Written by: Mnmzzz    April 12th 2019 7:19 pm    #ESEA #ESEAAdvanced #ESEAAdvancedS31 #ESEAMain #ESEAMainS31 #ESEAIntermediate #ESEAIntermediateS31  

ESEA have announced the dates for their Season 31 qualification cups. Like the last two seasons, these cups will give teams the chance to promote themselves to higher divisions without having to go through the full league system.

Last season, slashLEVEL notably used the Advanced qualification cup to earn a spot in Advanced and eventually earn promotion to the MDL after fighting their way through relegation.

slashLEVEL and Variance claim MDL slots; The Quest and The Fundamentals get one more shot

Unlike last season, due to the impending start of Season 31, Advanced, Main and Intermediate will each only have one cup, as opposed to the two that were offered previously. Additionally, ESEA have added a new rule that states that teams need to register their roster both on the qualifier page and on a league team, thus forcing teams to use their exact qualifier roster for the start of the league. As such new roster rules have also been added for qualifier cup teams:

  • Teams must use 4/5 players from the qualifying match in at least 3 out of the first 4 matches of the season
  • Teams must use 5/5 players from the qualifying match in at least 1 of the first 4 matches of the season

The dates, and registration links, for each of the qualifier cups are below:

Full details on the cups are available on the ESEA website and as always you can check out dates for all upcoming events and qualifiers on the Calendar

Captains and talent announced for Rank S Combine

#1 Joe
2019-04-13 12:53
Shrek let's make advanced together
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