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Thunder Logic and BLITZKRIEG through to MDL; Old Guys Club put out to pasture
After extended series, Thunder Logic and BLITZKRIEG have claimed two out the four MDL Relegation slots.
Written by: Mnmzzz    April 11th 2019 9:47 am    #ESEA #ESEAMDLS30 #ESEAMDLS31 #MDLRelegation#BLITZKRIEG #BBC #Variance #ThunderLogic #TheQuest #slashLEVEL #OldGuysClub  

curry and Thunder Logic are headed to the MDL

The second round of relegation has come to an end, with Thunder Logic and BLITZKRIEG clinching their spots in MDL Season 31. Additionally, Old Guys Club have been relegated to Advanced.

Old Guys Club and The Fundamentals drop to MDL Relegation lower bracket; BBC go limp

The first match of the night saw Old Guys Club face off against The Quest to determine the second team that would stay alive in the lower bracket. The action started off with The Quest's map pick of Nuke where Old Guys Club won their CT-side pistol and the following round. After this, The Quest would win six out of the next eight rounds to claim a slight 6-4 lead. Old Guys Club in response would go on to win the next five rounds to close the half out in their favor 9-6. 

UPDATE: Zone qualify for MDL Season 31 with win over Thunder Logic

Moving onto their T-side, Old Guys Club would again win the opening pistol, and the following two rounds to take the score up to 12-6. However, this would be the last time Old Guys Club would lead on Nuke, or even claim another round as The Quest impressively took ten rounds in a row to close out their map pick 16-12. During Nuke, Matthew "mCe" Elmore led the way for his team with a 1.34 rating.

Moving onto Old Guys Club map pick of Inferno, they won their third pistol round of the night, however The Quest's CT defense proved strong as they continually traded rounds with Old Guys Club throughout the first half, narrowly winning it 9-6. On their CT-side Old Guys Club again won the pistol round and used the momentum to tie up the score 9-9. However, once The Quest were able to build up their economy, they succinctly claimed seven out of the next eight rounds to take the second map 16-10, casting Old Guys Club down to Advanced.

ESEA MDL Season 30 North America Relegation
Best of three maps
The Quest
2 - 0
Old Guys Club
de_nuke 16 - 12 de_nuke
de_inferno 16 - 10 de_inferno
de_overpass de_overpass

The second matchup of the night between Thunder Logic and slashLEVEL determined which team would be the first to climb out of Relegation and earn a spot in the next season of MDL. Starting on Inferno, slashLEVEL's map pick, the 5th-6th place Advanced team got off to a strong start by winning their opening CT pistol and the following two rounds.  As the half continued, Thunder Logic would find a few rounds of their own, however slashLEVEL ended the end the half with a 9-6 lead. On their CT-side, slashLEVEL cut down their competition, claiming six rounds in a row to place map one on match point, soon after closing out map one with a 16-7 scoreline. 

Moving onto their map pick of Mirage, Thunder Logic launched a steady offense on their T-side by claiming six out of the first nine rounds. The team looked on pace to take the half , but hslashLEVEL reversed course and ended up taking the half 9-6 after winning six rounds in a row. After this, Thunder Logic returned the favor as they went on a massive eight round run to nearly put map one on match point 14-6. slashLEVEL were able to win one round of their T-side in round 21, but Thunder Logic immediately forced a third map by closing out Inferno 16-10.

aproto gets in the Zone

With the series tied up, slashLEVEL and Thunder Logic met on the deciding map of Train. Thunder Logic would close out the first half with a 9-6 scoreline on their CT-side. After switching sides, slashLEVEL would retake the lead by claiming their CT-side pistol and the next three rounds. However, Thunder Logic booked their ticket to MDL in the end by winning seven out of the next nine rounds in a row to close out the map with a hard-fought 16-12 win. Over the course of the series Jason "jmoh" Mohandessi helped push his team over the edge with a 62-48 K-D difference and a 1.23 rating.

ESEA MDL Season 30 North America Relegation
Best of three maps
Thunder Logic
2 - 1
de_inferno 7 - 16 de_inferno
de_mirage 16 - 10 de_mirage
de_train 16 - 12 de_train

The final matchup of the night was between BLITZKRIEG and Variance. Starting off on Cache, Variance took the first eight rounds in a row whilst utterly shutting down BLITZKIREG's offense. Following this, BLITZKRIEG would find their first five rounds as the half closed with Variance in a comfortable 10-5 lead. The lead would not last long though as BLITZKRIEG returned the CT-side favor by claiming seven rounds in a row to take the lead 12-10.  Variance would find a single T round of their own, however four more rounds from BLITZKRIEG sealed map one with a 16-13 scoreline.

Moving onto Train, BLITZKRIEG started off the half by delivering a strong defense that allowed them to run up the score 7-1. However, Variance would find the answer to BLITZKRIEG's defense and claim six rounds in a row to tie up the score 7-7, and ended the half with a razor-thin 8-7 lead. Variance would start their CT-side by claiming seven rounds in a row and running the scoreline up to 14-8.  With Variance on the brink of forcing a third map, BLITZKRIEG seemingly also found the solution to Variance's CT-side as they found five rounds to nearly tie up map two 14-13. Variance would find one during this to force a tie at the very least, and that is what happened as map two went to overtime after BLITZKRIEG won the last two rounds. After fiercely contesting the first 30 rounds, Train almost went into double OT, but Variance were able to take the action to Overpass after winning Train 19-17.

Tex crowned as Royal's fifth

On the final map of the night, Overpass both teams put up strong performances, trading rounds back and forth in the first half, although BLITZKRIEG's CT-side proved superior as they were able to take the half 9-6. They would then win the next three rounds on their T-side to leap into double digits with a 12-6 score. Like the first half, Variance would continue to put a good fight as they claimed four more rounds and continued to trade rounds with BLITZKRIEG, however in the end BLITZKIREG's early lead was enough to claim victory 16-12 victory.

With this, BLITZKRIEG have joined Thunder Logic in qualifying to MDL Season 31. However, BLITZKRIEG will now have to rebuild their roster as Alex "aproto" Protopapas and Ian "tex'" Botsch already have homes in the forms of Zone and Royal, respectively.

ESEA MDL Season 30 North America Relegation
Best of three maps
2 - 1
de_cache 16 - 11 de_cache
de_train 17 - 19 de_train
de_overpass 16 - 12 de_overpass

The last matches of MDL Relegation will take place tonight, and are as follows:

Lower Bracket:
us The Quest vs.   us Variance 9:30 EDT
us The Fundamentals vs.   us slashLEVEL 9:30 EDT

The winners of these matches will proceed to the next season of MDL, whereas the losers wil be made to go through another season of Advanced.

MDL Season 30 Relegation set to start

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