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WINNERS League Week 1 Recap: oNe, INTZ, Singularity, Mythic pick up early wins
Week One has come to and with 11 matches played so far.
Written by: Mnmzzz    April 7th 2019 5:45 pm    #WINNERSLeague #FACEIT #BigFrames #LiViD #INTZ #LasVegasMinigunners #Lowkey #Singularity #Hyper #IndentityDisorder #PartyAstronauts #vitrioL #HighOctane #MASSIVEimpact #oNe #Chrisandtheboys #Dignitasfe #Grizzlys #Mythic #Royal #Luminosity #TheQuest   

The first week of the WINNERS League Season 2: Invite division has come to a close, with every group having played at least one match thus far.

WINNERS League groups set; play commences

Group A saw only one match be played, with Big Frames picking a 16-10 win against LiViD on Nuke. Over in Group B, every single team played their opening matchup, with Party Astronauts being dealt a close 16-12 loss to Las Vegas MiniGunners. 

Group C saw three matches played, with High Octane, MASSIVEimpact, and oNe all putting wins on the board. Finally, over in Group D Cyclone, Mythic, and Royal all picked up wins. Interestingly, Mythic continued to utilize the services of Alexander "LeX" Deily in place of Leonardo "Laski" Arroyo, as they did during the Mythic Cup.

Singularity steamroll the competition to top Mythic Cup

Group A W-L Group B W-L
us Big Frames  1-0 br INTZ  1-0
za ATK  0-0 us Las Vegas Minigunners  1-0
us CLG Red  0-0 us Lowkey 1-0
us Hysteria  0-0 us Singularity  1-0
us Lazarus  0-0 us Hyper  0-1
us Polar Ace  0-0 us IdentityDisorder  0-1
us Variance  0-0 us Party Astronauts  0-1
ca LiViD  0-1 us vitrioL  0-1
Group C W-L Group D W-L
us High Octane  1-0 us Cyclone  1-0
us MASSIVEimpact  1-0 us Mythic  1-0
br oNe  1-0 us Royal  1-0
us Bad News Bears  0-0 us Dogs of War  0-0
us Zone  0-0 us Thunder Logic  0-0
us Chris and the boys  0-1 br Luminosity  0-1
us Dignitas fe  0-1 usThe Quest  0-1
ca Grizzlys  0-1 us VAE VICTIS  0-1

As of now, only four matches are scheduled for next week, with the noteworthy matches being:

Matchup Date Time
us Royal  vs. us The Quest Apr. 10th 10PM EDT
us Mythic  vs. us Thunder Logic  Apr. 10th 11PM EDT

Swole Patrol find new life with Lazarus

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