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UPDATE: Zone qualify for MDL Season 31 with win over Thunder Logic
A win in the grand finals of ESEA Advanced Season 30 sees Hunter and koga make their return to MDL.
Written by: Nohte    April 4th 2019 12:36 am    #ESEAAdvancedS30 #ESEAMDLS31 #Zone #ThunderLogic #Hunter #koga #zander #leaf #Swisher #OldGuysClub #TheFundamentals #BBC #slashLEVEL #Variance #TheQuest  

koga and the rest of Zone have earned a spot in MDL

Zone have won the grand final of ESEA Advanced Season 30 with a 2-0 series victory over Thunder Logic, earning themselves a spot in MDL for the upcoming season. Thunder Logic still have a chance to earn a spot in the league through Relegation, which is set to play out from April 9-11.

Thunder Logic and Zone to meet in ESEA Advanced grand final

The 2-0 win for Zone was a relatively simple affair at first, with Joshua "Hunter" Madore and Alexander "zander" Diaz helping their side rack up a 13-2 CT-side lead on Overpass. Just four rounds went the way of Thunder Logic in the second half before Zone swiftly closed out the map 16-6, moving the series onward to their own pick of Train.

Hunter's good form continued into Train, although Thunder Logic managed to get off to a better start by winning four of the first five rounds for an initial 4-1 lead. Once their economy stabilized, Zone quickly managed to get rolling as a five-round streak allowed for them to steal away the lead, with Thunder Logic managing only two additional rounds on their CT-side to trail 6-9 at the half.

FURIA complete near-perfect MDL season with win over Bad News Bears

Zone further extended their lead to 11-6 with two rounds at the start of the second half, but an intense back-and-forth between the two sides saw Hunter and co. unable to string together any additional rounds. Despite being reset after each round they won, Zone managed to keep themselves competitive as they never lost the lead, eventually edging out a 16-14 victory to take the series 2-0.

ESEA Advanced Season 30 North America
Best of three maps
Thunder Logic
0 - 2
de_overpass 6 - 16 de_overpass
de_train 14 - 16 de_train
de_mirage de_mirage

With this win, Zone have earned themselves a small monetary bonus over Thunder Logic, and more importantly, a spot in MDL Season 31.

Oceanic roster lost at sea after two-week voyage

The current team list for MDL Relegation looks as follows:

us Old Guys Club us The Fundamentals
us BBC us slashLEVEL
us Variance us Thunder Logic
us The Quest nam Advanced #7

As The Quest pulled off a 2-1 win over BLITZKRIEG for a 5-6th place finish to round out the day, just one final spot in MDL Season 30 Relegation remains. A bout between Big Frames and BLITZKRIEG will determine which team will claim the slot, after which the eight teams will clash for four spots in MDL Season 31.

ESEA announces MDL Season 30 All-Star candidates and Season 31 details

UPDATE: After the victory, Alexander "zander" Diaz posted on Twitter that the team would be looking for a fifth for next season, because Nathan "leaf" Orf is fifteen — meaning that the player is ineligible to play in the league, and also has lied to HLTV about his age.

#1 leaf
2019-04-04 01:02
can i get mdl tag now? Kappa
#3 tolkienfanatic
2019-04-04 09:20
Not until you give me your actual birthday
#5 leaf
2019-04-04 13:59
DMed you on twitter
#2 DiSCO
2019-04-04 03:31
I hope fundamentals don't get relegated they seemed to be improving + temp is a god
#4 006_tv
2019-04-04 09:33
agreed on temp

would like to see OGC stay as well but IDK
#6 zander_
2019-04-04 14:29
leaf didn't "lie" he just had 16 on his esea since before last season. Everyone has known he's 15 though.
#7 tolkienfanatic
2019-04-04 16:25
HLTV stores full birth dates, which means either he or someone else gave a false date. It's been cleared up now.
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