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OffBalance best BeLuLz at Gamers for Giving 2019
The 2018 champions fell to a mix team led by ohai.
Written by: Mnmzzz    March 25th 2019 5:53 pm    #GamersforGiving2019 #GamersforGiving #FGB #oSee #Strings #zeptic #Spinna #BeLuLz #OffBalance #ohai #fncy #Jakeski #dare #Jeffery_z  

FGB's star-studded mix-team fell to OffBalance in the grand finals

The CS:GO portion of the yearly Gamers for Giving event has come to end, with OffBalance achieving the upset victory against last year's champions BeLuLz.

This year, the charity event saw 16 teams compete with most teams consisting of Michigan area players. One team that stood out from the rest was Belal "FGB" Ahmad's BeLuLz which featured MDL players Josh "oSee" Ohm and Nick "zeptic" Kaoud, as well as Blake "Strings" Stringer.

Last year, the BeLuLz mix team also featured Spencer "Hiko" Martin, who unfortunately could not attend this year.

The group stage and bracket largely played out as expected, with BeLuLz running into little opposition until the semi-finals, where they faced off against Michigan State University's squad.

FGB retires

On the other side of the bracket, Riley "ohai" Nguyen's OffBalance team also had an easy run, not dropping a single map until the grand finals. ohai was most recently seen competing at the NSG Eastern Conference Championship before becoming an Apex Legends player for Las Vegas MiniGunners.

With the grand finals matchup set, BeLulz were keen to take the trophy once more. However, in a close three-map series OffBalance were able to take first place against their veteran opposition. 

The final standings for the top 4 at the Gamers for Giving CS:GO event was: 

1. us OffBalance (ohai, fncy, Jakeski, dare, Jeffery_z)
2. us BeLulz (FGB, oSee, Strings, zeptic, Spinna)
3. us retweet (GoNo, ProPhet, camjr, maxo, pw)
4. us MSU (AZN, Aidan, RC, aaronsfury, zkr-)

Overall, Gamers for Giving 2019 was a massive success, raising over $600,000 and helping to provide therapy and recreation services to children's hospitals all over the country. 

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#1 Joe
2019-03-25 18:00
Happy for hy, seen that dude go for like four years straight.

Really wish I could have made it this year :(
#3 quist
2019-03-26 02:18
You will get them next time cutie! I belive in you baby god I just want you to be happy
#2 006_tv
2019-03-25 18:19
For the kids!
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