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DreamHack Masters Dallas Closed Qualifier invites revealed
DreamHack have revealed the packed North American Qualifier field which will grant one spot in Dallas.
Written by: Mnmzzz    March 20th 2019 3:02 pm    #Ghost #eUnited #compLexity #FURIA #DreamHack #DreamHackMastersDallas2019 #Sharks #Isurus #Imperial #W7M  

The first DreamHack Masters stop of the year will take 16 teams to the Lone Star State

DreamHack have released the four invites for the DreamHack Masters Dallas North American and South American Closed Qualifiers. The two Closed Qualifiers are set to run from March 22nd - March 24th and March 20th - March 21st, respectively and will each grant one spot to the main event, which is set to begin on May 28th.

At the top of the list for the North American qualifier is Ghost, who are currently ranked #5 in our top 10 North American teams list. The Josh "steel" Nissan-led team have been inactive since the start of the month when they opted to drop out of the ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup and are looking to attend their first LAN of the year following their loss to eUnited in the IEM Sydney Closed Qualifier.

steel returns to Ghost active roster; WARDELL N Friends recruit vSa

Also attending the qualifier is the newly formed eUnited roster, who are riding high after recently qualifying for DreamHack Open Rio 2019, only dropping a single map against runners-up INTZ.

The team list for the North American Closed Qualifier now looks as follows:

nam compLexity us eUnited
br FURIA us Ghost
world Open Qualifier world Open Qualifier
world Open Qualifier world Open Qualifier

eUnited buff up roster with MarKE, vanity, food

As for the South American Closed Qualifier, Isurus tops the list, currently being ranked #68 on HLTV. The Argentinian team also recently qualified for ESL Pro League Season 9 after besting their Argentinian rival Furious.

Also attending the qualifier is Caio "zqkS" Fonseca's Imperial who have recently returned to the Western Hemisphere following their unsuccessful campaign at WESG 2018.

br Imperial ar Isurus
br Sharks br W7M
world Open Qualifier world Open Qualifier
world Open Qualifier world Open Qualifier

WESG 2018 Day Two: Altima, Imperial and Canadians sent packing

The four invited teams in each qualifier will face off against four teams from the Open Qualifiers. The North American Open Qualifier is set to begin on today, with the South American Qualifier commencing on Saturday. 

As always, if you want to keep up to date with all upcoming North American qualifiers, check out our Calendar.

Swole Patrol look to dazzLe, Mauisnake analyzes for Spacestation in DreamHack Masters Dallas qualifier

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