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MDL Season 30 regular season concludes; 4-way tie sees oNe make playoffs
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Written by: tolkienfanatic    March 18th 2019 1:41 am    #ESEA #ESEAMDLS30 #FURIA #BadNewsBears #Spacestation #Singularity #iNTACT #Luminosity #Mythic #oNe #ECSS7 #ESEAAS30  

Tiebreakers are just the darndest thing.

The final day of regular season play for MDL Season 30 has concluded, leaving eight teams still standing after the dust and tiebreakers have been settled. Six matches were played to finish up the season, seeing five playoff teams partake.

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The full regular season standings of MDL Season 30 are as follows:

  1. br FURIA
  2. us Bad News Bears
  3. us Spacestation
  4. us Singularity
  5. us iNTACT
  6. br Luminosity
  7. us Mythic
  8. br oNe
  9. us Final Feature
  10. za Denial
  11. us MASSIVEimpact
  12. us Party Astronauts
  13. us Infamous
  14. us The Fundamentals
  15. us Old Guys Club

oNe confirm b4rtiN signing

At the bottom of the top eight, oNe, Denial, Final Feature, and MASSIVEimpact all wound up tied at 9-8. Despite Final Feature thinking they had claimed the final spot, it actually goes to the Brazilians of oNe. The reason for this is circular contradictions in the results between the teams involved in the tie, meaning it was ultimately decided by which team had the best regulation round difference.

The gut-punch for the likes of Final Feature and MASSIVEimpact sees all three Brazilian teams in the league make the playoffs.

montE makes his Final Feature with the team

At the bottom of the standings are Stay Frosty, Fragging for Andy and Forty Six and Two, all of whom have been marked dead. ESEA have informed that as a result of the two dead teams, there will be no direct move down to Advanced.

With all that being said, the playoff bracket would be expected to look as such:

br FURIA -vs- br oNe
us Singularity -vs- us iNTACT
us Spacestation -vs- br Luminosity
us Bad News Bears -vs- us Mythic

Half these teams (FURIA, Spacestation, Luminosity, and Bad News Bears) will be seeing a lot of each other this week, as they will also be participating in the second week of ECS Season 7.

The MDL Season 30 playoffs are set to run from March 21-23, playing out in a best-of-three fashion. Due to this not being a ESL Pro League promotion season, and there also being no Global Challenge LAN, the playoffs will be played fully online.

Following the conclusion of the MDL and Advanced playoffs, MDL Relegation will run from April 9-11, and determine the team composition of the league for Season 31.

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#1 DiSCO
2019-03-18 11:46
fundamentals shoulda made it smh
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