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Jaguar qualify for ESL Pro League Season 9
The South American mix dominated their competition to earn the coveted spot.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    March 11th 2019 1:08 am    #Jaguar #EPLS9 #VAULT #sickLy #sam_A #Niknexus #spamzzy #Daveys #cruzN #FULLSEND  

Link had a monstrous performance against Niknexus

Jaguar, a team composed of Peruvian, Colombian, and Mexican players, have topped the ESL Pro League Season 9 Latin America North Closed Qualifier after defeating Niknexus 3-1, thereby earning themselves passage to the main (and now entirely offline) event.

LA League Finalists confirmed

The South Americans made their way to the Grand Final after annihilating Kadmus7, before a nail-biter of a match against Niknexus in the Upper Bracket Final. Despite Jaguar winning that series 2-0, it was anything but easy, as they secured victory by a mere five rounds in total across both maps.

The Grand Final saw a rematch of that tense bout, with Jaguar having a 1-0 advantage due to never leaving the Upper Bracket. With an expanded veto, they removed Overpass which went to overtime in the first series, and picked Train as the final map.

VAULT roster begin search for new organization

Niknexus were able to even the series at 1-1 after a 16-8 win on Mirage, but it was Eduardo "Link" Osuna who would turn on the jets over the next two maps, powering Jaguar to a 3-1 victory with relative ease.

ESL Pro League Season 9 LatAm North Closed Qualifier
Best of five maps
3 - 1
de_default de_default
de_mirage 8 - 16 de_mirage
de_inferno 16 - 2 de_inferno
de_cache 16 - 10 de_cache
de_train de_train

Jaguar's qualification means that every member of the VAULT squad that participated in ESEA MDL Season 29 is set to take part in ESL Pro League Season 9 — a reversal of fortunes that the players are sure to appreciate.

Jaguar's roster is:

  • pe Bruno "BRUNO" Hernandez
  • pe Julio "VAATI" Jimenez
  • co Juanes "sickLy" Valencia
  • co Jesus "sam_A" Taboada
  • mx Eduardo "Link" Osuna

Snakes hits the free agent market

#1 nguyen
2019-03-11 02:09
#4 shrek
2019-03-11 14:43
#2 Joe
2019-03-11 06:15
Link is absolutely nuts
#3 006_tv
2019-03-11 07:49
Cool name, GL to them moving forward
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