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ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup concludes; seeds determined
Following the conclusion of round five, FACEIT have released the final seeding from the Pinnacle Cup.
Written by: Mnmzzz    March 11th 2019 9:11 am    #ECS #PinnacleCup #Singularity #INTZ #FURIA #Denial #BadNewsBears #PartyAstronauts #oNe #MASSIVEimpact #TheQuest #FinalFeature #Zone #iNTACT #Infamous #Mythic #OldGuysClub #Hysteria  

oSee's Singularity took the number one seed after a 3-0 run during the Cup

Following the conclusion of the final three best-of-threes of the ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup, the final seeding of teams for the regular season has been released by FACEIT.

ECS returns to Twitch for Season 7; talent and initial matchups announced

Pinnacle Cup Final Standings:
#1 us Singularity (3-0) #9   us The Quest (2-3)
#2 br INTZ (3-0) #10 us Final Feature (2-3)
#3 br FURIA (3-1) #11 us ZONE (2-3)
#4 za Denial (3-1) #12 us iNTACT (1-3)
#5 us Bad News Bears (3-1) #13 us Infamous (1-3)
#6 us Party Astronauts (3-2) #14 us Mythic (1-3)
#7 br oNe (3-2) #15 us Old Guys Club (0-3)
#8 us MASSIVEimpact (3-2) #16 us Hysteria (0-3)

The standings were calculated first based on a team's win-loss ratio during the event, then by the team's Buchholz score, and finally round-difference, should it be necessary. One thing worth noting is that Luminosity and Spacestation will be given first crack at any open spots during the regular season's five series as they came in ninth and tenth place, respectively, during ECS Season 6. 

ECS Season 6 Final Night: Four teams who aren't Cloud9 aim for LAN spots

With the first series set to begin tomorrow, INTZ will be the first team from the Pinnacle Cup to play in the regular season, owing to Singularity currently attending the WESG 2018 World Finals. Additionally, Spacestation and Luminosity will also be competing as Cloud9, Renegades, and MIBR all opted to not play in the first series, or were unable to.

Golden returns to Cloud9 as flusha departs

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