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Rank S Recap - desi, PwnAlone, and KiiroKami qualify for Rank S Combine
No ties or underage issues here!
Written by: tolkienfanatic    March 10th 2019 1:36 pm    #ESEA #RankS #RankSCombine2019 #desi #PwnAlone #shinobi #KiiroKami  

desi edged out ptr to grab a spot at the Rank S Combine

Another week of Rank S and Rank G has come and gone, this time with surprisingly few ties, and clear-cut claims to the upcoming Rank S Combine.

Rank S Recap - Vegas gets one more BOOBIE

The top ten for the last week of Rank S is as follows:

Rank Name $ Prize
1. us Derek "desi" Branchen $1,000
2. us Peter "ptr" Gurney $625
3. br Bruno "bit" Lima $525
4. us Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue $450
5. us Josh "shinobi" Abastado $200
5. us Mitch "mitch" Semago $200
7. us Ben "ben1337" Smith  
8. ca Kaleb "moose" Jayne  
8. us Caleb "opportunity" Davis  
8. us David "Toy" Han  

Derek "desi" Branchen just barely managed to edge out Peter "ptr" Gurney for the top spot with 24 points, taking the top prize of $1,000 as well as a spot at the Rank S Combine.

Also earning a spot at the Combine is Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue, who found himself in a tie with Josh "shinobi" Abastado last week. Due to placing higher than shinobi this week, he claims the berth to Las Vegas.

Overall, it was a good week for the Bad News Bears, as three members took home winnings.

The top ten earners for Rank S 2019 so far are as follows:

Rank Change Name Total $
1. - us Jeff "RZU" Ngo $5,912.50
2. +2 us Derek "desi" Branchen $5,433.33
3. -1 ca Derrick "LILMAN" Boyne $5,365.41
4. -1 us Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk $4,990.00
6. - us Chris "Slash" Petersen $4,193.73
7. +1 us Peter "ptr" Gurney $3,884.52
7. -1 us Alex "aproto" Protopapas $3,737.50
8. - ca Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik $2,945.83
9. - ca Andy "vSa" Xu $2,777.38
10. - us Ian "tex" Botsch $2,508.33

ESEA announce Rank S LAN details

Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim took the top spot in Rank G with 104 points, with Randy "smiley" Sandoval coming close on his heels with 100.

Rank Name $ Prize
1. us Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim $1,000
2. ca Randy "Smiley" Sandoval $500
3. us Gabriel "GMAN" Ordaz $275
4. us "Brian2K" $250
5. us Amine "dopamine" Hamzic $225
6. us Brett "GOLA" Golabek $200
7. us Noah "ULTRA" Giesbrecht $175
8. ca Alfonso "krZ" Fiorani $150
9. ca Jonathan "djay" Dallal $125
10. us Caleb "opportunity" Davis $100

This means that the current participant list for the Rank S Combine is as follows:

Rank S Rank G
us Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue us Brandon "BOOBIE" Roberts
us Derek "desi" Branchen us Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim

UPDATE: Infinite departs Bad News Bears, RZU returns

#1 Frog
2019-03-10 17:17
Oh nice KiiroKami :D
#2 006_tv
2019-03-10 17:40
Desi comin back
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