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Altima swap two for WESG World Finals
MarKE and Chuti are not making the trip to China, being replaced by Gonnak and Blue.
Written by: Mnmzzz    March 9th 2019 5:45 pm    #WESG #WESG2018 #FortySixAnd2 #Altima #chuti #MarKE #SecretAgent #spaydeR #k1Nky #Gonnak #Blue #eUnited  

SecretAgent's Altima mix-team has lost two of its original members

Back in November when Mexican team Altima defeated VAULT to book their ticket to WESG 2018 in Chongqing, China, they originally played with Fernando "Chuti" Luis Planchart and Edgar "MarKE" Maldonado. However, has learned that both players have opted to skip the event. 

UPDATE: potter to miss WESG due to visa issue; masq stands-in

When reached out to the players to request comment on the change, MarKE told us that he opted to skip the event as he wished to focus on his new team, eUnited. As it so happens, the team are set to make their debut on Monday in the first weekly bracket of ECS Season 7.

ECS returns to Twitch for Season 7; talent and initial matchups announced

However, through further discussions with MarKE, we have also learned that even before eUnited finalized its new roster, he was already planning on skipping the event due to a financial disagreement with Altima's captain Jose "SecretAgent" Fernandez — namely that he has never received his portion of the winnings from Quetzal's third-place finish at the WESG 2016 Americas Finals, where the team won around $8,900.

We reached out to SecretAgent for an explanation, and he told us that he was still working on getting the money to the players, however:

Mainly it's all due to the Trump administration and his policies regarding foreigners with bank accounts in his country.

The player went on to say the size of the depost coupled with his status as not being an American triggered a block of all access to the account, which he intends to hire a law firm to clear up in April.

When we asked MarKE about this explanation, he remarked it was the first time he had heard it, and that he doesn't talk to SecretAgent anymore and doesn't know "what excuse [SecretAgent is] using at this point".

As a result of this, and the scheduling conflict, Altima have the enlisted the services of Forty Six and 2 teammate Adrian "Gonnak" Arguello and Carlos "Blue" Arestegui to round out their roster for the event.

As such, Altima's roster for WESG is now:

  • mx Jose "SecretAgent" Fernandez
  • mx David "spaydeR" Esquerra
  • mx Francisco "k1Nky" Alvarez
  • mx Adrian "Gonnak" Arguello
  • mx Carlos "Blue" Arestegui

Forty Six and Two lose Gonnak

The Mexican squad have been drawn into Group H, where they will do battle with Alpha Red, Chiefs, and Viva Algeria.

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2019-03-09 18:51
Trumps fault marke havent been paid for an event 3 years ago
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