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ECS returns to Twitch for Season 7; talent and initial matchups announced
As the Pinnacle Cup draws to a close, the first week of matchups have been announced for ECS Season 7.
Written by: Nohte    March 8th 2019 8:00 pm    #ECS #ECSS7 #ECSS7Week1 #ECSS7PinnacleCup #Liquid #Rogue #Luminosity #INTZ #Spacestation #NRG #compLexity #eUnited #oNe #Zone  

Liquid will look to grab a spot at the ECS Season 7 Finals in the first week of online play

With the ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup almost at it's conclusion and the top seeds having been determined, ECS have revealed the first week of matchups for ECS Season 7, set to run from March 11th - May 9th. The league will also return to Twitch for the first time since ECS Season 2, having had an exclusivity deal with YouTube for the past four seasons.

ECS returns for Season 7 with a new format

Teams from North America will look to earn one of four spots at the ECS Season 7 LAN finals over the next two months, where they will be joined by four European teams in a clash for the title and the lion's share of $500,000 at the SSE Wembley Arena. In order to earn spots at the event, teams will play through five single-elimination, best-of-three brackets, with the first three teams to place first earning a spot at the LAN finals.

The remaining spot will be given to the team that earns the most prize money over the course of the five weeks of play, leaving teams an incentive to continue playing deeper into the season.

Singularity and INTZ finish top in Pinnacle Cup

The bracket for the first week can be found on the HLTV event page, and has drawn the following four matchups:

March 11th
us Liquid -vs- us Rogue 7:00 PM
br Luminosity -vs- br INTZ 7:00 PM
us Spacestation -vs- us NRG 10:00 PM
nam compLexity -vs- us eUnited 10:00 PM

A quartet of talent for the on-air broadcast has also been announced, with FACEIT's James Bardolph and Daniel "ddk" Kapadia returning to cast the league once again. Joining them on the broadcast will be Henry "HenryG" Greer and Erik "da_bears" Stromberg, with matches set to feature tri-casts from a brand-new ECS set.

ESL and FACEIT announce scheduling cooperation for 2019

The list of on-air talent for the season consists of:

  • uk James Bardolph
  • uk Daniel "ddk" Kapadia
  • uk Henry "HenryG" Greer
  • us Erik "da_bears" Stromberg

The first matchup on the main broadcast will feature Liquid taking on Rogue, and is set to kick off at 7 PM EST on March 11th. Three matches remain to be played out in the ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup, with oNe facing off against Zone at 7 PM EST later today.

Denial, FURIA, and Bad News Bears finish ECS S7 Pinnacle Cup at 3-1

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