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Swole Patrol set to compete in DreamHack Open Rio qualifier
The team looks to Infinite and wippie as the start of the qualifier draws near.
Written by: Nohte    March 7th 2019 6:57 pm    #DreamHack #DreamHackOpenRio #SwolePatrol #Infinite #wippie #s0m #ANDROID #swag #Zellsis #dapr #fRoD  

Infinite and wippie will hop on board the Swole Patrol roster for the upcoming qualifier

Swole Patrol are set to field Maxim "wippie" Shepelev and Gage "Infinite" Green in the upcoming DreamHack Open Rio qualifier, with the previously reported duo of Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro and Michael "dapr" Gulino filling the remaining spots alongside Braxton "swag" Pierce. The players have already been added to the team's ESEA roster for the upcoming qualifier, set to kick off on March 9th at 3 PM EST.

Report: swag set to bring Swole Patrol back to full strength

The original report by Rush B Media cited Sam "s0m" Oh and Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor as the original final two members of the roster, although knows that s0m is no longer linked with a move to the team. ANDROID remains contracted to compLexity, and still needs to be bought out or released from his contract with the organization.

With the absence of ANDROID, Swole Patrol have chosen to field wippie in his stead, with Infinite being brought on board as a permanent replacement for s0m. Infinite stepped down from Bad News Bears yesterday, although he still helped them to a 2-1 win over Infamous in the ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup as a stand-in last night. wippe has made a name for himself with promising showings in FPL, and most recently secured a spot on the Infamous roster as a sixth man.

UPDATE: Infinite departs Bad News Bears, RZU returns

With the two additions, Swole Patrol's roster for the upcoming DreamHack Open Rio qualifier is:

  • us Braxton "swag" Pierce
  • us Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro
  • us Michael "dapr" Gulino
  • us Gage "Infinite" Green
  • ru Maxim "wippie" Shepelev
  • us Danny "fRoD" Montaner (Coach)

The DreamHack Open Rio North America and North Latin America qualifier is set to kick off on March 9th at 3 PM EST, with signups remaining open on the ESEA event page until 2 PM EST the same day. As always, dates and signup links for upcoming qualifiers can be found on the Calendar.

DreamHack Open Rio qualifier details announced

#1 DiSCO
2019-03-07 19:10
this is a roster I can get behind
#2 Droid
2019-03-07 19:39
#3 rustyjames
2019-03-07 19:45
rather see dazzle android or tenz in zellsis place but good enough.

also why frod?
#4 tot
2019-03-08 01:07
wdym why Frod? he is coaching?
#6 006_tv
2019-03-08 08:53
Yes he is, not a bad lineup to coach too

Let’s see if Infinite doesn’t leave after the qualifiers
#7 tot
2019-03-10 09:37
Yeah, surprised seeing Wippie play today with Swole and s0m not being in the lineup. s0m said on stream in the next few days he'll announce who he is joining.
#5 parks2214
2019-03-08 08:30
Good lineup to try out and bring it all together. Could see a few replacements but looks like a good start
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