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MDL Week 5 Recap - Spacestation rise above
Spacestation have continued their perfect season through the fifth week.
Written by: Mnmzzz    February 18th 2019 4:01 pm    ESEAMDLS30 #MDLWeek4 #Spacestation #Luminosity #BadNewsBears #Singularity #iNTACT #FinalFeature #Mythic #Denial #oNe #FraggingforAndy #Infamous #StayFrosty #OldGuysClub #MASSIVEimpact #FURIA #FortySixand2 #Party Astronauts #TheFundamentals   

The fifth week of the MDL has concluded, with 14 matches played. This week was hotly contested, with six of the matches going into the double-digits, and a match between Luminosity and Old Guys Club going into double overtime. 

MDL Week 4 Recap - oNe way to the top

One of the large stories of this week was the arrival of Denial's two new South African imports, Dominic "Domsterr" Sampaio and Robby "blackpoisoN" Da Loca. After struggling to find results while enlisting the services of their coach, Tiaan "T.c" Coertzen, Denial was able to find their footing and secure three wins this week, allowing them to shoot up to fourth place.

At the bottom of the bracket, the recently renamed Party Astronauts were able to finally get a win on the board, handing Luminosity a swift loss on Tuesday. Likewise, Forty Six and 2 have yet to find a win this season, although they still have many matches to be played as the EPL LA League has forced them to delay and reschedule a number of matches.

LA League Finalists confirmed

Finally, this week was not without a bit of controversy as Old Guys Club was forced to forfeit a match against Singularity as they were seemingly unaware that they needed to use two players from last season. This comes after the team has once again expanded their player pool with the additions of Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik and Keven "PLAYER1" Champagne. 

Some noteworthy matchups for the upcoming week of matches include:

Matchup      Date Time
us Singularity vs. us Spacestation Feb. 19th 9PM EST
us Singularity vs. us MASSIVEimpact Feb. 20th 9PM EST
us Fragging for Andy vs. br Luminosity Feb. 21st 8PM EST
za Denial vs. us Old Guys Club Feb. 21st 11PM EST

The complete standings after Week 5 are as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us Spacestation 8 8 0 +45 24
 br oNe 9 6 3 +40 18
 us Singularity 9 6 3 +25 18
 za Denial 9 6 3 +25 18
 br Luminosity 6 5 1 +34 15
 us Mythic 7 5 2 +7 15
 us Bad News Bears 6 4 2 +39 12
 us iNTACT 7 4 3 +12 12
 us Infamous 8 4 4 -4 12
 us MASSIVEimpact 8 4 4 -12 12
 us Final Feature 8 3 5 -30 9
 us Old Guys Club 7 2 5 -40 6
 us Fragging for Andy 8 2 6 -23 6
 us The Fundamentals 8 2 6 -41 6
 us Party Astronauts 5 1 4 -14 3
 us Stay Frosty 9 1 8 -41 3
 br FURIA 0 0 0 0 0
 mx Forty Six and 2 4 0 4 -31 0

aproto and Xp3 no longer Fragging for Andy

Note: The original version of this article mistakenly stated that Party Astronauts had lost to Luminosity.

#1 parks2214
2019-02-18 22:57
Party astronauts taking a big W right there
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