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Final ESEA Season 30 qualifiers conclude
Twelve teams have seen themselves gain entry to higher leagues.
Written by: CarbonDogma    January 11th 2019 11:42 am    #ESEA #ESEAMS30 #ESEAIMS30 #peepoHugSquad #last_chance #NERVE #TheHuns #Kraken #malbsMd #Wise #Skywalker #StayFrosty #blend  

The second ESEA Main and Intermediate qualifiers have concluded with four teams moving on to Main and eight teams advancing to IM. peepoHug Squad, last_chance, NERVE, and The Huns have qualified for Main while BLNK, Rusty, Uncle and His Nephews, Desi Boyz, Cursed Ascension, big money, War Games, and Made to Win have secured spots in Intermediate.

Four teams qualify for Main, eight for Intermediate in first qualifiers

In the qualifying round, peepoHug Squad took down ROSA 2-1 (16-13 Mirage, 9-16 Inferno, 16-14 Cache). The first map was a carry versus carry as Maxime "Kraken" Beaulieu got 32 frags while Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa put up 37 of his own. The other maps were fairly straightforward, with malbsMd putting up extremely strong performances on both and Kraken stepping up again on Cache.

Despite two maps being played in favor of last_chance, they technically received a forfeit win over Wise (16-12 Nuke, 16-9 Cache). A notable performance on Cache goes to RUSSEL_WESTBROOK who put up 34 kills in his team's 16-9 victory.

Reign's rule ended, to continue with a slight Variance

Next up NERVE beat brock's bang bus 2-0 (19-15 Inferno, 16-11 Nuke). In the overtime map, the standout players were Agust and Stay Frosty backup Sahej "Skywalker" Dhillon, racking up 28 and 29 frags, respectively.

The final match of the Main qualifier was very one-sided with The Huns dominating The Legacy of Aeons 2-0 (16-9 Inferno, 16-1 Mirage). The top player in map one was Colby "Walco" Walsh who secured three 1v2 clutches and 25 frags during the 25 rounds.

Three teams bolster rosters ahead of MDL Season 30

Here are the four teams who topped the Main qualifier:

  • ca peepoHug Squad (Kraken, DAVID_LEKEI, SmoothLunchable, ProGarb, Malik)
  • us last_chance (contii, RUSSEL_WESTBROOK, yahoo, kingston, calamity)
  • us NERVE (palmer, sausa, CYBORG-P1, zebra, Agust)
  • us The Huns (pwny, Irish, Walco, GRIF, dyL)

The first qualifying match of the Intermedia qualifier was a stomp, with BLNK defeating idkmaN 2-0 (16-2 Mirage, 16-1 Overpass). m1les put in a good performance on Overpass with 25 kills and a quadruple kill round. Rusty also decisively took down chiefs fans are actually fat 2-0 (16-12 Mirage, 16-11 Cache). Despite losing, NULA put up a valiant effort on Mirage, which included an ace.

Next in the round of sixteen, Uncle and His Nephews beat E-Girl Hunter United 2-0 (16-9 Mirage, 16-3 Inferno). MKG was the key player for UaHN on Mirage, securing 26 kills and winning two 1vX situations. Yet another two map series saw Desi Boyz defeat 11111111 (16-8 Mirage, 16-11 Cache). The notable performance here goes to PaRAhFeSsHiOnAlL who picked up 25+ frags on both maps.

subtLe complete roster with rugrat and els

The first three map series of the IM qualifier went the way of Cursed Ascension over instinctcs (14-16 Mirage, 16-8 Dust 2, 16-2 Inferno). TEVO was the main player contributing in Cursed's map wins, with 11 multi-kill rounds on Dust 2 and Inferno. Returning to straightforward matches, big money defeated Banger Band 2-0 (16-7 Cache, 16-5 Mirage). blend was the top player over the series, and notably played Advanced for Tectonic last season.

The next match was surprisingly the only one to feature a forfeit loss, where after losing Cache 7-16 All-Star forfeited map two against War Games for a 0-2 series. Nobody particularly stood out in the map they played, but Kurt "n0name" Lourenco had the highest RWS with 16.5.

To finish off the qualifer, Made to Win took down holdingwv2 2-1 (16-8 Cache, 13-16 Inferno, 16-8 Overpass). Map one saw double 30 bombs from both juaN-1H and kingtony while xxxxxx hit 32 on map two.

VAULT cracks as players part ways

Here are the eight teams who advanced to ESEA Intermediate:

  • us BLNK (Reject, shiraz, m1les, ralph, amnesiaah)
  • ca Rusty (LE_TUEUR_FOU, blaM, 299792458MS, chroniq, Kurama)
  • us Uncle and His Nephews (uncle, Axed, MKG, gir, i88i)
  • nam Desi Boyz (SPAMMER, PaRAhFeSsHiOnAlL, tkyng, IcePacK, MoMo)
  • us Cursed Ascension (TEVO, Jermaine, Jake, Aezy, Cakes)
  • us big money (enriQUE, bot, Shock, blend, HayoN)
  • us War Games (tRu-E, Ryn, Jwoods, fuzzy22, n0name)
  • us Made to Win (juaN-1H, SupaFreak, deagbrO, SkuLLy, kingtony)

ESEA Season 30 begins on January 14th, giving teams four more days to finalize their rosters before needing to dip into their limited amount of adds during the season.

ex-Velocity Lowkey join a new org

#1 Joe
2019-01-11 12:38
Farm season for BLNK, as long as ralph's ego doesn't get to him and shiraz doesn't mix alcohol and xans again
#2 shrek
2019-01-11 23:20
easy for my ex teammate Ralph
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