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Following the release of a Twitlonger by the organization's owner, the organization appears to be in its death throes.
Written by: Mnmzzz    January 5th 2019 10:35 am #PwnAlone #stellar #robby #floppy #ben1337 #Rustun  

Another North Americans organization appears to have run into financial problems

After a decent performance at the Global Challenge and at the NSG Eastern Conference Championship, appears to be on the verge of collapse following a Twitlonger released yesterday by Colin Chan, the team's CEO.

In it, Chan stated that late in December, their main source of investment pulled out of the project leaving the organization scrambling to cover expenses as the money dried up. Additionally, it was revealed that he is only 16 years old, which means that any contracts signed between him and his players are likely illegitimate due to Chan being a minor.

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Shortly afterwards, the team's COO Myra "pharos" Davis released her own Twitlonger along with a series of tweets that illustrated the dire straits are in. 

Her first tweet laid bare the financial situation the organization was in, with the organization surviving from what Chan described as its "shady investor" on around $8,000 per month, with pharos herself contributing $1,500 to cover the organization's shortfalls.

Additionally, pharos revealed once again that due to Chan being 16 years old and due to the company being unincorporated, none of the contracts that the organization signed with their Battalion 1944Rivals of AetherLeague of Legends, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams are legally valid. 

pharos continued on to say that all attempts by her and Carter Robertson, the team's CFO to incorporate the company and resolve the financial issues were unsuccessful, with both of them deciding to step down from the organization today.

According to Carter's blog post, has officially disbanded and "ceased operations entirely", however all three parties from the now shattered board claim that efforts are being made to compensate the players and coaching staff affected by the organization's disbandment. 

When reached out to the staff of and their players for comment, the team's players and staff declined to comment.

For the moment at least, the current roster of is:

  • us Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue
  • us Brenden "stellar" McGrath
  • us Robert "robby" Brown
  • us Ricky "floppy" Kemery
  • us Ben "ben1337" Smith
  • us Rustun "Rustun" Lusk (Coach)

ben1337 joins ESEA roster

The news leaves the team with precious little time to scramble for a new sponsor before the start of MDL Season 30.

Update: have responded to our requests for comment, and a follow-up article can be found below.

Update: floats on, organization to continue operation

#1 Joe
2019-01-05 11:01
I thought people knew he was underaged :o
#2 parks2214
2019-01-05 11:21
These guys can never catch a break
#3 006_tv
2019-01-05 13:18
Dang man, seems like this keeps happening
#4 verizon
2019-01-05 13:19
really surprising when the owner changed twitter handles once a week and constantly tweeted emo shit

#5 iMarbot
2019-01-05 13:54
#6 nguyen
2019-01-05 15:12
HAHAHAHA I thought I was the only one
#7 braiNN
2019-01-05 17:04
"My name is Colin, and I've always thought of myself as a disgusting human being. I hated myself, I lived in a family that went on and off between loving me and ignoring me. I lived around people that knew how to make money, but not how to be human; I had parents that would rather spend time yelling and smashing things or being out of the house, rather than showing any love to their son. I had siblings over twice my age that I could never understand, who, (maybe unintentionally), consistently belittled me. When I was younger, all I ever had was my damn computer."

sounds like the type of person you want running an org.
#8 stellar
2019-01-05 19:40
you guys literally know nothing about my org owner so please stop talking about him. thank you :)
#9 hillr
2019-01-05 19:52
its not a real org he doesn't own shit brother

no business license no org

either way this kid sounds totally unstable and unfit for any position of leadership
#10 Distxnt
2019-01-08 20:35
You say all this but you don't look at the bigger picture here. This kid started an org on his own, securing investments on his own, and kept it afloat for a year, all while doing everything pretty well. Every teenager goes through a depression phase.

Try and start an org by yourself, I doubt you'll get this far.
#11 hillr
2019-01-22 19:27
kept it afloat by lying to his investors

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