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riku steals into Thunder Logic; Panderz out
The Advanced team make a roster change ahead of Season 30.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    January 4th 2019 12:48 am    #ThunderLogic #Panderz #riku #ESEAAS29 #ESEAAS30 #NSGECC #HentaiHooligans #FinalFeature #maazy #jitter #Mundle  

You can see a very blurry riku here

Chris "riku" Piasecki has announced that he has joined Thunder Logic, with the team's ESEA page confirming that it is Justin "Panderz" Kim making way for him.

riku spent ESEA Season 29 with Hentai Hooligans, who ended up in 9-16th place in Advanced playoffs after falling to eventual MDL promotees Final Feature.

Hysteria return with Mundle, HIA, and dangle

With riku's departure,  only Carlos "maazy" Bandle remains on the Hentai Hooligans roster, with Jordan "jitter" Ruggiero and and Jeremy "Mundle" King rekindling the Hysteria name.

Both riku and Panderz attended the N3rd Street Gamers Eastern Conference Championship, with Thunder Logic finishing ahead of riku's The Tourists. However, despite Thunder Logic's better placing, Panderz struggled on LAN with a 0.86 rating, whereas riku flourished with a 1.09.

NSG Eastern Conference Championship group stage complete; bracket drawn

Thunder Logic's roster is now:

  • ca Adam "Ange" Milian
  • us Chris "Slash" Petersen
  • ca Cameron "Skelly" Thomson
  • us Ramal "Rampage" Silva
  • us Chris "riku" Piasecki

ESEA Season 30 is set to begin on January 14th, with Thunder Logic looking to make their way further than their Round of 16 finish in Advanced playoffs last season.

Hentai Hooligans cruise through Open for the championship

#1 Droid
2019-01-04 01:29
recky owo
#2 scottiyio
2019-01-04 01:31
what the hell
#3 nguyen
2019-01-04 16:21
Carlos "maazy" Bandle
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